Accepted paper:

Toward the comprehensive database for the results of the study in the Angkor area


Susumu Morimoto (Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties)

Paper short abstract:

In the Angkor area several Japanese Institutes continue their research work for long years. But it is difficult to share the information inter-Institutionally. So we began to make the complete inventory of the results of the research work by the Japanese teams.

Paper long abstract:

In the Angkor area, where exist so many archaeological sites and monuments, some are very large-scaled, many institutions have been operating their research, conservation and restoration works since many years. Among the Japanese Institutions, several Institutes continue their activities that produce huge results. They publish their own results but they have so much fundamental drawings, photos etc. which have many varieties. We must admit that it is pretty difficult to share the information inter-Institutionally. That is the reason why we began to make the complete inventory of our results of the research work, and to digitize them for the effective use. Simultaneously we make the database of photos and study to control the retrieval terms using the context analysis. Also we arrange the terms in the reports. This work brings us to the comprehensive list of the results by the Japanese relevant organizations in the Angkor area since the beginning of the study. To achieve the cooperative inter-institutional relationship is useful not only for the further research but also for the long term conservation of the documents.

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