Accepted paper:

The development of Khmer Stoneware through time, Angkorian from early 9th to 12th century


Socheata Em (APSARA Authorithy)
Rachna Chhay (APSARA Authorithy)
Vicheasachra Phin (APSARA Authorithy)

Paper short abstract:

The reviews stonewares recovered from five excavated Khmer kilns offer insights on Khmer stoneware production. The technical study of stoneware kilns allows us to understand how and when Khmer potters developed this stoneware technological tradition.

Paper long abstract:

The early 9th to late 12th century in Central Angkorian empire had developed their traditional ceramic production, which know as Kulen green glazed stoneware. Potter distributed their goods throughout the Khmer empire according to the chronological demanding from time to time. By study the basic characteristics distinguish stoneware assemblages from each kiln in Greater Angkor: a range of vessel shapes produced with in their decoration and their glazing technique, had contributed better understanding of Khmer stoneware through time. This poster will focus on chronological ceramic production. Base on the vessel forms and their decorations.

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