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Ceramics of the Cirebon shipwreck and its distribution in Eastern Coast of Southern Sumatera archaeological sites


Eka Asih Putrina Taim (National Center of Archaeology)

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Indonesia is a haven for ocean shipping in the heyday of trade between regions in Central and East Asia, Indonesia's presence in the region between the two favorite track making maritime trade since the early centuries AD even until now. Evidence of past glories cruise shown with its many shipwrecks rest in the waters of Indonesia, among others, Intan Shipwreck, Batu Hitam Shipwreck, Pulau Buaya Shipwreck, until the last one was found in the sea off the Cirebon coast in 2005. A variety of commodities had been found and removed from the sunken ships and the most common commodities and favorite are the ceramics from China. This paper will discuss a variety of Chinese ceramics from the Shipwrecks, especially those found on Cirebon shipwreck (late 9th to the 10th century) and other shipwrecks from the same period. The aim is to see the relationship between the form and variations of ceramic findings as a ship cargo, and their distribution and presence in archaeological sites on the Island of Sumatra, as well as its relevance to people's behavior and environmental conditions at the site in the heyday of the sea trade in the late 9-10 AD (Srivijaya period).

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Ceramics from mainland and island Southeast Asia: understanding ancient communities, cultural interactions, and socio-economic trajectories.