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Vietnam in the Marine Ceramic Road


Bach Ngo The (Thang Long - Hanoi Heritage Conservation Centre)

Paper short abstract:

Archaeology of Vietnam has demonstrated that since the first centuries AD, Oc Eo residents (Southern Vietnam) had relationship with the Roman traders; many artifacts bearing Han style (Chinese) were present in the Sa Huynh culture (Central Vietnam) and large areas on the islands of Southeast Asia.

Paper long abstract:

The archaeological evidences of Truong Sa and Islam ceramic pieces at Cu Lao Cham Island (Hoi An, Quang Nam) in 1991 showed that from the 9th century, Vietnamese ceramics were present in the international ceramics trade exchange market. Along with the rapid development of ceramics production industry from the 14th century, Vietnam has rapidly become the ceramics exporting country in market context along with China. The participation in international trade flows on the sea has created new page and further confirmed the position of Vietnam in the Asian region.

The abundant growing quantity of Vietnamese ceramics discovered in the shipwreck relics such as Rang Kwian (Thailand), Hoi An (Vietnam), Pandanan (Philippines) tells us that the 14th century was prologue period, the 15th century was the peak period and the 17th century was the heyday of the Asian trade system. Despite of the late presence, Vietnamese ceramics made important and active contributions in international trading activities, especially for South East Asia market.

Through archaeological evidences, combined with written data sources, the article focuses its study on the position of Vietnam in the system of international maritime trade in the medieval period. It simultaneously refers to the role of Vietnam in the ceramics road on the sea in the 14th -17th centuries. In the international context of ceramics trade exchange on the sea, the longstanding relationship of cultural exchange between Vietnam and other countries in the region now has more favorable conditions and new developments.

Key words: Vietnamese ceramics, maritime trade, market, international.

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Ceramics from mainland and island Southeast Asia: understanding ancient communities, cultural interactions, and socio-economic trajectories.