Stoneware production and distribution in Angkorian Cambodia
Yukitsugu Tabata (Waseda University)
2. Salle de cours rez-de-jardin MAE
Start time:
7 July, 2015 at 9:30 (UTC+0)
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Short abstract:

Following the discoveries of new kiln sites, stoneware ceramics studies have became one of the big current in Cambodian archaeology. This panel aims at investigating stoneware production system and its distribution based on the newly found sites in Cambodia and other related place.

Long abstract:

In past two decades, intensive research on the ancient kiln sites in Cambodia enabled us to start detailed studies on Khmer stoneware. High-fired and glazed stoneware industry in the Angkor society seems to appear with establishment of the Angkor dynasty and disappear with decline of the dynasty. It shows the strong relationship between dynastic demands and indigenous industry. Previously, Khmer stoneware ceramics studies mainly focused on the stylistic features of the products, rather than the production system or distribution pattern that will be a key factor for understanding the Angkor society. In this session, the convenor would like to invite scholars to examine Angkorian stoneware based on the newly found sites in Cambodia and other related place. The panel welcomes Khmer stoneware ceramic studies focused on the structure of the kiln, chronological and technical aspects of the production, special distribution, and analytical techniques.