Recent advances in the study of the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages of mainland Southeast Asia
Charles HIgham (University of Otago)
Charles Higham
Salle des Conf√©rences b√Ętiment B
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8 July, 2015 at 9:00
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Short abstract:

This panel invites papers that report on later prehistory with reference to the results of recent fieldwork that reflect new information on the origins of cultural changes, migratory patterns, the impacts of new technologies, social organisation, subsistence and demography

Long abstract:

New methods of obtaining and analyzing prehistoric data are increasingly being deployed in Southeast Asia, and the results are rapidly challenging and changing our perception of later prehistory. This panel formulation is designed to draw together reports on these initiatives and seek a discussion on new perceptions and future needs. There are several fundamental topics. These include the commitment to long term involvement and large excavations at key sites, the relations between the first rice and millet farmers and indigenous hunter-gatherers, the timing and impact of metallurgy, changes in subsistence, the development of exchange relationships, mining and the deployment of copper and tin, the impact of new analyses of human remains, such as isotopes and aDNA, and the impact of maritime exchange during the Iron Age.