Accepted paper:

S.R. Harnot: a Hindi voice against the arrogance of power


Mariola Offredi (University of Venice)

Paper short abstract:

The paper will focus on one of the many themes dealt with by Harnot in his short stories, that of the arrogance of power.

Paper long abstract:

In Harnot's writing a stern denunciation against every kind of power emerges, whether it is political power or money power. The distortions generated from abuse of power can be seen at every level, from the village accountant and the low-grade policeman up to a MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) and a Chief Minister. To the extent that even a judge may find out a way to comply with the unexpressed request of a powerful politician. Where the main protagonist is the poor, a dalit - as it happens in most cases - his struggle is not rooted in any ideology, rather it is a pre-ideological struggle, the struggle for existence. However, when at least a "moral victory" is achieved, and the protagonist becomes aware of his strength, a future in which class consciousness may develop is envisaged.

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Arts of the political in contemporary South Asian literature and film