Accepted paper:

3D bioprinting for medical and enhancement purposes: scenarios and options for European policy


Philip Boucher (European Parliament)

Paper short abstract:

In this parliamentary research project, we explored current and future technical developments of 3D bioprinting technologies and their implications for European policy.

Paper long abstract:

We examined the potential of 3D bioprinting technologies for medical and enhancement applications in the coming years. Our definition includes all 3D printed items that contain or are used very closely with living materials, such as implants, drugs, food, surgical tools and prostheses. We reviewed the state of these technologies and their potential further development, and considered their potential impacts. These impacts were further explored in stakeholder workshops with the support of a set of illustrated story-based scenarios. We then developed a set of options for European policymakers. In the presentation, I will also introduce the structure, functioning and aims of the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) and the Science and Technology Impact Assessment (STOA) Panel, which have a significant impact on the research process, before explaining the project and its findings.

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Joining together cells and tissues: novel in vitro technologies in context