Practicing politics online
Andrzej Wojciech Nowak (Adam Mickiewicz University)
C. Humanisticum AB 1.07
Friday 19 September, 10:30-12:15 (UTC+0)

Short abstract:

Long abstract:

The relation between new media, social media and network infrastructure on one hand, and mobilization of social movements and political protests on the other attracts growing attention from the scientists in recent years. Moreover, it is clearly an instance of the classic STS research subject, namely, how shaping technological artifacts influences social change and building of a new social order. “Practicing politics online” session addresses these issues by exploring empirical data and by theoretical investigation, focusing on Internet based political actions. Presented papers ask about various forms of political order and mobilization online – is it superficial, or is it a part of deep structural transformation? What kind of ethical and political displacements, entanglements and engagements does it involve? What are the steps that lead from local political actions to equally local actions, yet intertwined with international and global agents? What are the changes in mechanisms of social and cultural reproduction?

The papers will be presented in the order shown and within one session