Practices of science
Bogdan Balicki (University of Szczecin)
Economy 16
Thursday 18 September, 9:30-11:15 (UTC+0)

Short abstract:

Long abstract:

Since the beginning science and technology studies actively reinvent and reconstruct widely shared pictures of science and its operations. When they introduced and studied historical, social and political elements of scientific practices, the reactions from outside the STS were critical and even hostile. Controversial nature of STS in this respect never ceased to exist, suffice to mention the so called 'science wars'. Nevertheless, it is the STS that demonstrated that controversies about pictures of science commonly shared either by scientists themselves, or the public, are never just epistemological. Those views, once they start to circulate in the social world, fulfill many important functions, and manipulating them became all the more important in times of recent political changes of science and university. It is particularly visible in talking about the "new science" or as some would put it "neoliberal science". To ask if such a science is able to endure well and in long term is one thing. Another is to investigate the public pictures of science and narrations about it. The session will focus exactly on the general views of science and its circulation in the public sphere (in political and academic institutions, in decision making circles etc.).

The papers will be presented in the order shown and within one session