Health innovation and the grand challenge of ageing: Governing the personal health systems revolution
Alexander Peine (Utrecht University)
Alex Faulkner (University of Sussex)
Health, caring, technology
Economy 46
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17 September, 2014 at 10:30
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Demographic ageing is widely seen as a "grand challenge", and policy makers, industry, academic researchers, health care providers, and lobby groups have identified research and innovation as a promising response. Such perspectives often view science and technology as a potential solution to otherwise independent problems of aging, and neglect two important recent developments in personalized health technology: (i) that demographic aging is associated with shifting attention from curing acute diseases to managing and preventing chronic diseases and (ii) that current generations of older persons use ensembles of health and non-health technologies to negotiate health, illness, fun and well-being. This track brings together contributions that investigate these newly arising socio-technical ensembles of health and non-health technologies, practices of negotiating later life, health care regimes, and user driven innovation of personal health systems. The relevant variety of health and non-health technologies is very broad and may include medical and assistive devices, domestic utensils, online and ICT-mediated technologies, transport technologies, and social and family care regimes. This session invites contributions including the following themes: - Multiple stakeholder involvement and multiple values in health technology and personal health systems innovations; - New ways of organizing citizen or patient-centred health innovations and related workforce issues; changing practices of healthcare / care in the policy context; - Governance of personal health systems and changing medical health care regimes; - Studies on practices of user-producer interactions in various contexts of older persons and providers of personal health technologies; - User innovations by older persons in health technology. The papers will be presented in the order shown and grouped 3-3 between sessions