Accepted paper:

The Eloy Salmón market in the city of La Paz, Bolivia: the circulation of goods and global capital


Maria Luisa López Guerrero (Universidad Iberoamericana)

Paper short abstract:

The market of the Eloy Salmón is the most important and reliable market of the city of La Paz, in which all kinds of electronic devices are offered and has become a lever of the economic growth of the city.

Paper long abstract:

The Eloy Salmón market is a space where all kinds of electronic devices are offered. Its actors, mostly retail traders, weave economic and social relationships with other traders to make this market the most important and reliable in the city. The merchants of Eloy Salmón are the product of a series of processes of exclusion and marginalization but through their institutions and cultural practices, family networks and the appropriation of spaces have reached high levels of purchasing power, claiming their citizenship and maintaining relations with global capital. The city of La Paz has had, thanks to these merchants, the possibility of developing a domestic market, offering better job opportunities and acting as a resistance to the primary exporting economy in which Bolivia finds itself. For this research I asked the following questions: how is the process of movement of goods?, how have they managed to develop this market?, what impact does it have on the city of La Paz? Questions that I will try to answer.

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