The ethnograpoetic paper aeroplane assembly
Ellen Wiles (University of Exeter)
Start time:
15 August, 2018 at 9:00
Session slots:

Short abstract:

Join this ethnograpoetic aeroplane assembly in the fresh air and engage in collective reading aloud, creative writing and paper aeroplane making. The process shall be documented in a collage illustrating flight paths to the conference, embodied and imagined.

Long abstract:

You shall assemble outside on the grass, listen to sounds of the sky, then collectively perform a polyphonic reading of a curated collection of writings exploring ideas of migration and flight. In a linked creative writing workshop, you shall compose a new micro text. Reassembled, you shall read the new texts aloud, fold each one into a paper aeroplane and let it fly. After the event, images and audio will be compiled into a collaborative ethnograpoetic collage exploring the myriad flight paths to the conference, both embodied and imagined.