Accepted paper:

Jerusalem and The Temple Mount: between religious plurality and political uncertainty


Paul Wissam Macaron (USEK University Lebanon)

Paper short abstract:

This work will try to point out the uncertainty and disquiet that exists regarding Jerusalem and its Temple Mount. We will try to pinpoint the question of religious plurality in a context of growing rival claims over this space.

Paper long abstract:

Through this study we propose to point out the sacredness of Jerusalem in the three monotheisms, while insisting in particular on the Mount of the Temple (Esplanade of the Mosques). We will then underline the role of the Six Day War which led to the Israeli conquest of Jerusalem, and its outcomes over this location. Then, we will mention the unique and salutary "Dayan compromise", still much valid today, which contributed to instigate an original, flexible sovereignty over this place. This compromise, composed of several levels, framed the coexistence around the Temple Mount for several decades. We will eventually mention the growing claims over the Temple Mount which threaten this compromise, converting this space into a center of increasing religious passions (reference to messianic and mahdist speeches) and political activism, both threatening regional and international stability. This will also permit us to stress the importance of understanding the social and political stakes around this place.

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Uncertainty and disquiet in the Mediterranean region