Accepted paper:

Private exhibiting and initiatives: creative alternatives to institutional modes of representing the other/one-self in Serbia


Emilia Epstajn (The Museum of African Art)

Paper abstract:

The presentation will analyze the private/individual initiatives that have in the past years taken the form of "private museums" open to the public. These projects are in fact a form of 'freedom of expression' outside the ordered/structured/logistical framework of the 'bastions' of national heritage i.e. government funded National Museums, Specialized Museums, etc. Such projects have already taken different shapes: the private collection of African Art belonging to collector Branko Najhold, the Macura Museum in Novi Banovci, the self-sustaining family museum in Novi Bečej - as a few examples to be analyzed. There have been previous examples of creative spaces/scenes outside the system (The Family of the Clear Streams), however, this paper will aim to investigate the circumstances of their occurrence, their 'missions', the domains of creative, social, 'political' activism, as well as ways in which they have (in certain cases) come under the patronage of state funding.

panel W015
The other within the other: creative alternatives in the Balkans and post communist Europe