Accepted paper:

Innovative traditions in new markets


Anne-Katrine B. Norbye (University of Oslo)

Paper abstract:

The number of summer mountain dairy farms (støler pl.) has decreased due to technological developments and rationalization in the agricultural industry. In this processes local and cultural life forms are threatened. Today, some Norwegian støler are transformed to markets that offer støl -produce accompanied by imaginations of old traditions and contemporary green ideology. This presentation highlights how støler are organized as marketplaces through innovation, concepts of traditions, expectations and norms. How female farmers (budeier, pl) narrate støler, and with support of new global trends that value local food, traditions, and experience-tourism, are described and analysed. Narratives are personally perceived and contested. Nevertheless they are shaped by and confirm collective imaginations. Such narratives are part of social resilience and address topics related to sustainability in local agriculture and budeier's ability to make their own business in addition to maintaining their way of living, identity and home.

panel W096
Markets, moneys, and mobilities: transnational organizing