Accepted paper:

Understanding the circulation of trust and mistrust in the finance world (and imagining the alternatives to prevent the crisis?)


Lucia Orviska (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)

Paper abstract:

In order to better understand the world economic crisis, I attempt to draw a picture of a social structure of the finance market and exchange objects construction, applying a theory of the "agency", on the creation of trust and mistrust. The agency will be defined in a more expansive and dynamic manner that includes but is not limited to the individual. Based on the research performed in the organization of a multinational private bank based in Switzerland, fieldwork in Eastern Europe and the case of Icelandic crisis, the "circulation of the trust in the world of wealth" will be illustrated through ethnographical observations and interview restitutions. How does the trust circulate in the world of banking through different types of agencies, like space, social and personal factors, professionalism, gender, objects - material agency, language and through technology? How the crisis and the trust flows connect? Which alternatives can we imagine?

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Markets, moneys, and mobilities: transnational organizing