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Museum as a place of self-knowledge


Janusz Baranski (Jagiellonian University)

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There is a need in museum practice to concentrate more on visitors than on properly applied scientific theory to museum objects. This will help to overcome difficulties in communication between the museum and the visitor and help to apply the old humanistic point of view which stresses the need of a kind of empathy related to other people and times. The general goal is to make museum a place which is visited as a result of the deep personal need of self-knowledge. To achieve that a number of reasons should be fulfilled, among others, contexts of visitor's experience should be taken into account, as well as the shift from scientific theory of respective fields of knowledge into "the language" of real things exhibited. The whole idea will be illustrated by the usage of the local Polish theoretical as well as practical approaches to the subject matter.

panel W071
Experience, witnessing, spectacle: performance and commemoration in the new museum