Public anthropology for a world in crisis
Sarah Pink (Monash University )
Simone Abram (Durham University)
Halvard Vike (University of Oslo)
John Hume Lecture Theatre 7
Start time:
26 August, 2010 at 11:30
Session slots:


The idea that anthropologists can and should play a role as public intellectuals and activists has long-since been (and been debated as) part of the history of the discipline. Recently attention has been applied to this area of anthropological practice in a growing literature on the topic (as is also happening in a parallel way for Sociology). In this panel we explore how a contemporary public anthropology might be imagined, is already emerging, and is capable of making interventions outside academic contexts. We are interested in theoretically and methodologically informed case studies, position papers, critical and historical considerations. Contributions to this panel should examine questions of: how a public anthropology (or anthropologies) can operate in contemporary political, policy, cultural, social, (new) media and mobile contexts; and the implications of this.