Picturing globalization

Julia Binter (University of Oxford)
Roger Canals (University of Barcelona)
Thomas Fillitz, Lisbet Holtedahl
Rowan Room 221
Start time:
25 August, 2010 at 11:30
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Long abstract:

In the era of the "iconic turn" and globalization - how can anthropology conceptualize the audio-visual representation of global phenomena, the glocalized production of pictures and the consumption of global imaginaries? Above all, how do anthropologists use pictures as a method and discourse to account for transcultural and transnational processes? This workshop seeks to fill a gap of focused discussion about these complex, intertwined topics at a theoretical as well as practical level. It invites researchers to present their work (in writing and/ or film, photos) in order to concretize the vast field of "picturing globalization" and its underlying analytical and methodological problems at the intersection of audio-visual representation, the negotiation between the local and global and the production/ distribution/ consumption of global media- and ideoscapes (Appadurai).