Making sense together: the role of participants in ethnography
Paul Clough (University of Malta)
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27 August, 2010 at 11:30
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This session explores research that contributes to the creative re-examination of ethnography by stressing the active role of participants in the gathering and interpretation of data. The crisis in representation in ethnography has not put an end to methodological questions. On the contrary, it opened up possibilities for experimentation and creative re-examination of ethnographic practice. By rejecting the possibility of objective observation of pre-existing cultural objects, ethnography has been reconceived as a constructed account of an emergent object, written by an ethnographer actively engaged in the production of ethnographic reality. The object of study is now seen to be the interaction between a positioned ethnographer and the culture under study. Not only the inevitability of interaction but also the need for joint interpretation with the participants is increasingly stressed. However, the practical implications of this new stance towards participants for research remain largely unclear.