Violence, personhood and emotions

Susana Durão (UNICAMP (São Paulo, Brazil))
Maria Claudia Coelho (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)
Callan CS2
Start time:
26 August, 2010 at 11:30
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Human life is not the sum of individual and collective life. "Person" and "emotions" are among its aspects which are subject to historical and contextual oscillations, contingent concepts open to plasticity in heterogeneous societies. This panel challenges the participants to think about learning processes of constituting one's self in violent lived regimes of practice and the grammars of emotion thereby elicited. What are the problems faced by the self definition in situational crisis and traumatic events? What definitions and performances of self are tracked by experiences of coping with violence? How do emotions dramatize and perform perceptions of violence? Anthropology of emotions has showed us there are political definitions of emotions. It's time to study the politics of the self not only in terms of identity and identifications. The idea is to focus on the person as a site of impressed and expressed lived violence, being this 'violence' another social entity in presence. This channels us to reflect upon linked concepts such as 'mediation', 'victim', 'perpetrator', 'men/women', 'aggression', 'power', 'vulnerability', 'fear', 'pain' and 'freedom' -- and to try to reconsider them in different settings and related to personhood creativity. We are thinking about the blur between old dichotomies like private/public that make possible to debate realms of domestic violence, urban violence and violence sociality altogether. Theoretical and empirical studies are welcomed.