Joining phenomenologies and political economies of 'the Global'

Patrick Neveling (University of Bergen)
Valerio Simoni (The Graduate Institute, Geneva)
Stephen Reyna (University of Manchester)
Start time:
26 August, 2010 at 11:30
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In recent years, several concepts have emerged that aim to reconsider notions of "the global". Burawoy's "global ethnography" establishes a methodology to cover the global's experience and production. Tsing's effort to capture the "global situation" calls for theoretical approaches covering the global both in its spatialised political and economic and in its imaginary and constructed dimen-sions. Thus, our discipline has come to understand "local" social phenomena in terms of entangled hierarchies of economic and power inequalities and dis-ciplinary regimes of citizenship. However, few studies have attempted to de-velop a theoretically-informed perspective that reveals the ways in which such inequalities are successfully recreated and requalified. This panel invites contributions that aim to close this gap between advanced methodological approaches and less sophisticated theoretical approaches and seeks to understand the experience and production of presumably universal value regimes or presumably universal economic regimes from the perspec-tives of phenomenology and political economy.