Accepted paper:

The Count of Peñaranda. Images of diplomatic negotiation (1645-1658)


Diana Carrio (UNED)

Paper short abstract:

This paper will anaylyze the diplomatic role of Count of Peñaranda in the Peace of Westfalia (1648) and his visual impact in his time.

Paper long abstract:

From analysing the old questions of immunity or jus gentium, themes common to the old diplomatic history, we have become increasingly interested in areas such as secret diplomacy, the attention which diplomats paid to stereotypes, or to appearances as a weapon of confrontation or negotiation. Less studied, but equally promising, is the contribution of the diplomats to the creation of a cosmopolitan international culture. This paper will anaylyze it from the case study of the Count of Peñaranda and his diplomatic role in Munster and Franckfurt (1645-1658), and more specifically his visual impact in paintings and engravings.

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