Medical knowledge and transfer in the colonies
Poonam Bala (Cleveland State University)
Cristiana Bastos (University of Lisbon)
Sala 0.06, EdifĂ­cio I&D, Piso 0
Start time:
17 July, 2015 at 11:30
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Short abstract:

The proposed panel will focus on the trajectory of transfer of medical knowledge and traditions located within different socio-cultural milieu.

Long abstract:

Medical knowledge and transfer in the coloniesThe trajectory of spread of medical knowledge between the colony and metropole has long been a subject of discussion that paves the way for new understanding on how scientific and medical knowledge has been transferred. New theories of understanding the ecological surroundings and the local cultures went a long way in unraveling the dynamism and cultural exchange. While new ways of defining the colony informed western medicine, concomitant colonial expansion facilitated deeper interactions and encounters between western biomedicine and medical traditions. The strength of medical traditions, thus, lay in the extent to which medical knowledge as an institutionalised body of knowledge was able to sustain aspects of competition, accommodation and acceptance of medical knowledge which formed the core of medical pluralism. If medical and technological innovations inspired these aspects, then colonial expansion and the strength of medical traditions provided an impetus to transfer of medical knowledge in the colonial context.