Religiosity in flux in Africa: transnationality in a globalised world

Clara Saraiva (FLUL, University of Lisbon)
Anthropology, religion and conflict
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12 September, 2006 at 9:00
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This panel pretends to be a space for reflection on the religious fields in prese! nt day Africa , incorporating the transnational linkages that the African diaspora entails, focusing mainly on lusophone Africa, but accepting contributions from other parts and other African traditions. Our starting point is that practices and religious believes in contemporary Africa exist in a permanent flux, within which fragments of diverse cosmologies, dispositions in face of the sacred and ritual practises from other socio-cultural realities are incorporated. These displacements may be observed in many varied forms of indigenous religions, retransformed in the universe of popular culture, in Christian groups which include orthodox and popular catholicism, in the multiplicity of neopentecostal denominations spiritual doctrines derived from kardecism and african Christian religions, in the multiple manifestations of Islamism and the crescent popularization of religious sects, as well as practices and doctrines which have undergone transformation processes. All the! se instancies of the religious field interact with indigenous ! locals f orms of religiosity following a very creative African tradition, originating creolized forms of believes and cults. We will welcome papers based on ethnographic accounts on this creolized religiosity in contemporary Africa or focalizing on the transnationalization of the African religious phenomena, due to the African diaspora, which has as the main visible side the proliferation of African religious specialists in European (namely Lisbon, for the case of the lusophone African diaspora) and American cities.