Asmara in the 19th and 20th centuries: architecture, history and culture

Francesca Locatelli (Edinburgh University)
Environment, development and human rights
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11 September, 2006 at 16:00
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Famous for its modernist architecture, bars and 'Mediterranean' style of life, Asmara is emerging as one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in East Africa and its architectural heritage is becoming internationally recognised for its uniqueness. The 'discovery' of the town, however, is quite new and follows the period of the Eritrean liberation struggle against Ethiopian rule (1960s-1991). This panel will shed light upon the history, culture and architecture of Asmara. It will focus on the history and development of the town, tackling issues such as processes of urbanisation, urban segregation during the Italian colonial period (1890-1941), cultural and political development and life in the post-colonial period and on its magnificent architecture.