Accepted paper:

Five Ways In (2014)


Mike Poltorak (University of Kent)

Paper short abstract:

Directors-Mike Poltorak, Sonja Bruhlmann, Alyssa Lynes Runtime-73 mins Year of Production-2014 Location-Freiburg,Germany Distribution/Production-Potolahi Productions

Paper long abstract:

Contact Improvisation first developed in the United States in the 1970s as a movement experiment that challenged dancers to respond instinctively to bodily collisions. Four decades later, the dance form continues to be investigated openly by people all over the world. This film follows the aspirations of five dancers as they navigate the joys and challenges of being with three hundred participants at the biggest Contact Improvisation festival in the world in the old German university town of Freiburg. Jashana, an American political activist and Raquel, a Brazilian volunteer at the festival, search for the political edge and community building potential of the form. Swedish biodynamic gardener, Johan and Israeli travelling teacher, Lior, share hopes for beautiful and challenging dances and new ways to teach the form. Camille from France had only recently discovered the form. He seeks the heart of Contact Improvision out of his comfort zone of salsa and sports in the pursuit of sensitivity and weight sharing. During a week where being part of a temporary community and the intimacy and physicality of the form can challenge even experienced dancers, will the Freiburg Festival deliver the inspiration and insights they seek?

panel P40
Film, audio and multimedia programme: symbiosis: sound, vision and the senses