Accepted paper:

Drama for Autism


Ramamoorthi Parasuram (MKUniversity)

Paper short abstract:

Drama can be of help in three areas of concern for Autism. 1. Improve the eye contact and personal bonding. 2. Social Skills by group work and peer interaction. 3. Communication skills by soundscape method.

Paper long abstract:

Drama has been in the service of Disability since ages. Though Drama for Autism is a recent phenomena, it has proved effective in certain key areas of deevelopment in the case of Autism. One of my pioneering research methods called Mask for Autism is being used in many parts of the world as a tool to improve eye contact and thereby personal bonding. mask also enriches the creative skills of children with autism. making masks is fun. One of the disturbing factors of Autism is poor social skills and children avoiding social interaction. The Method of Rehearsed response improves peer intercation and helps them to manage social situations. Family functions like Marriage and funerals are an issue that is addressed in Rehearsed Response The Method of Soundscape emphasies communication strategy rather than speech. Coummication is related to movement of limbs. Drama for Autism addressed the key areas of deficit in Autism.

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Art workshops for children with autism