The missing majority: indigenous peoples, two way appropriation, and identity in densely colonised spaces
Yuriko Yamanouchi (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Kristina Everett (Macquarie University)
Start time:
11 December, 2008 at 8:30 (UTC+0)
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Short abstract:

Our panel discusses issues related to cultural appropriations and reappropriations by Indigenous subjects in some urban and rural centres of nation states.

Long abstract:

In response to some on-going observations that Indigenous 'culture' in rural and urban centres is still not generally discussed enough in anthropological discourses, our panel addresses the fact that cities and country towns are sites of creative agency that see Indigenous appropriations and re-appropriations of cultural discourse, beliefs and imposed social systems. These 'centres' of dominant and dominating nation states can, however, proscribe Indigenous efforts to resist hegemonies while negotiating appropriations and re-appropriations under the gaze of urban governance. Indigenous Corporations, as some of our panel describe for example, have been used by Indigenous groups, especially in urban and rural spaces, to subvert the reportage, organisation and surveillance strategies that they could potentially impose. Indigenous groups have taken neo-liberal / modern corporations and turned them, or attempt to turn them, into Indigenous social networks. These issues will be discussed in this session from various perspectives in different national contexts.