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pdf download Large-scale tourism in small-scale societies: introductory paper


Patrick Neveling (University of Bergen)
Carsten Wergin (Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg)

Paper short abstract:

This e-paper introduces some theoretical perspectives and questions related to the concept of scale and its applicability in anthropological research on tourism.

Paper long abstract:

In line with the outline of our panel, in this e-paper we give some of our own theoretical questions and perspectives on scale in relation to anthropological research. This is intended as a more detailed introduction to our ideas for the workshop and as to offer some points of departure for group discussion. The paper investigates the political economy of tourism in relation to different subfields:

- political and cultural networks

- concepts and politics of development

- various arenas of cultural production and reproduction.

These aspects are integrated into the more general framework of the interrelationship between large and small scale social structures. The paper is meant as a thought-provoking opener leaving a first set of questions for further exploration in the workshop.

E-paper: this paper will not be presented, but read in advance and discussed

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Large-scale tourism in small-scale societies