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pdf download Tourism business opportunities for community development among tribes/indigenous communities in India and Canada: anthropological dimensions


Francis Kulirani (Anthropological Survey of India)

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This paper examines the community development angle of tourism generating situations in context of small scale societies in North East India and Canadian aboriginal communities.

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Small scale societies of tribes and aboriginals are safeguarded through constitutional measures in India and Canada. In an increasingly globalizing world, small scale societies cannot isolate and insulate themselves from the forces of globalization. There is eagerness to participate in the process on their terms. Through participation the intention is to turn their comparative disadvantage into advantage. In this context tourism is being considered by them as a means to strengthen elements of their traditional culture and conserve the natural resources. The tourism initiatives by the tribes in North East India and aboriginals in central regions of Canada under the brands of ecotourism, cultural and heritage tourism models are examined in this paper. The paper argues the need for an alternative paradigm of tourism policy and planning in the context of small scale societies that has a holistic view of environment, local people, and tourists as interlinked components.

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Large-scale tourism in small-scale societies