Film/video presentations
Peter Burns (University of Bedfordshire)
Henry Thomas Room
Start time:
11 April, 2007 at 18:30 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short abstract:

The overall purpose of this panel is to provide a platform for the critical discussion of moving images as anthropological data. We are looking for work rooted in ethnographic methods and cultural representation.

Long abstract:

In anthropology, critiques of ethnography and fieldwork have raised fundamental questions about how events, experiences, and lives are represented. The panel hopes to explore ways in which ‘hosts’ ‘guests’ and tourism enterprise are represented in visual media, how visual media can be used in tourism research, and some of the practical, theoretical, and ethical questions raised by these activities. We invite scholars to propose papers and presentations for the symposium, which may include the use of film, video, artwork, and still photography.

Submissions are invited that address the following or related topics:

1. The visual representation of tourists and host communities in art, cinema, still photography, television, journalism and advertising, historically and in the present;

2. Uses of film, video, and still photography in tourism/ tourist studies social research, historically and in the present;

3. Studies of the uses of visual media in advocacy on behalf of host groups marginalized or excluded by tourism development.