ASA2016: Footprints and futures: the time of anthropology


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04 July, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
14:00Calman - Kingsley BarrettLab01Drawing the anthropological imaginationemail
14:00Palatine - PCL053Lab09"Three Women (Break the Silence)"email
14:00Science Site/Chemistry CG83P12Envisaging new futures | The subjective turn | Social movement politicsemail
14:00Hogan Lovells Lecture TheatreP17The endurance of the ephemeralemail
14:00Science Site/Chemistry CG218P18Digital environmentalismsemail
14:00Palatine - PCL050P21Europe and its silencesemail
14:00Science Site/Chemistry CG91P22Security and terror in the age of refugee crisis: imagining European futures after Parisemail
14:00Science Site/Engineering E102P33Anthropology and psychoanalysis: kinship, attachments and the past in the presentemail
14:00Science Site/Maths CM107P36Anthropology and the post-war present in Sri Lanka: ethnographic reflectionsemail
14:00Palatine - PCL054P41Efficiency and excessemail
14:00Science Site/Maths CM221P43From words to lifeworlds: re-assessing the role of narratives in the context of crisisemail
14:00Science Site/Engineering E101P46Maintaining the future? On post-cold war practices and politics of the futureemail
14:00Science Site/Chemistry CG60P48Tracking and trapping the animalemail
14:00Science Site/Maths CM105P49What is the future of the field-site? Multi-sited and digital fieldworkemail
14:00Science Site/Engineering E005P63Moralities, 'sensitive issues' and ethnographic experience: challenges in times of polarisationemail
14:00Science Site/Maths CM219P64What value can anthropologists bring to ending violence against women and girls?email

05 July, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00Palatine - PCL053Lab05Instrumental bodiesemail
09:00Science Site/Maths CM107P01Exposure: interdisciplinary perspectives on breath, air and atmospheresemail
09:00Calman - Ken WadeP02Temporal state(s)email
09:00Hogan Lovells Lecture TheatreP05Decomposition: materials and images in timeemail
09:00Palatine - PCL054P07The energy transition: an anti-politics machine?email
09:00Science Site/Chemistry CG83P08Sensational knowledge: emotional and sensory encounters as ways of knowingemail
09:00Calman - Rosemary CrampP10Temporalities of migration, mobility and displacementemail
09:00Science Site/Maths CM221P30Creative horizons: steps towards an ethnography of imaginationemail
09:00Science Site/Engineering E101P40Reproductive futures in maternal and child healthemail
09:00Science Site/Chemistry CG218P42Anthropologies of veterinary medicine: healthcare across species linesemail
09:00Science Site/Engineering E102P44Ethnography and evaluation: temporalities of complex systems and methodological complexityemail
09:00Science Site/Maths CM105P51Mobilities of wellbeingemail
09:00Science Site/Chemistry CG91P53Querying the body multiple: enactment, encounters and ethnographyemail
09:00Science Site/Engineering E005P54Within and between: change and development in Melanesiaemail
09:00Palatine - PCL050P60Cultural evolution: here and nowemail
11:00Science Site/Maths CM219Lab06Dream literacy for social scientistsemail
11:00Science Site/Chemistry CG60P52Temporalities in conservationemail
16:00Science Site/Maths CM219Lab02Karaoke and beyond: challenging the impact agendaemail
16:00Palatine - PCL053Lab08Meaningful objectsemail

06 July, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00Science Site/Maths CM219Lab04One set of virtual footprints: a collective cyber-pilgrimageemail
09:00Palatine - PCL053Lab10Climate change: combining cultural viewpoints in common strategiesemail
09:00Calman - Rosemary CrampP04Anthropology, race and genetics: temporalities and spatialitiesemail
09:00Hogan Lovells Lecture TheatreP09Living histories, making futures: temporality and young livesemail
09:00Science Site/Maths CM107P11Death and technologyemail
09:00Science Site/Chemistry CG83P15Anthropology and interdisciplinarity (Roundtable)email
09:00Science Site/Engineering E005P16Veterans of liberation wars and counter-insurgencies: negotiating loss, integration, memory and traumaemail
09:00Science Site/Maths CM105P24Uneven terrains of the present: towards a differential anthropology of action in timeemail
09:00Science Site/Maths CM221P25Biomedicine, entrepreneurship and future ecologies of health careemail
09:00Science Site/Chemistry CG91P27Reconceptualising labour and dependency: beyond the working and non-working pooremail
09:00Science Site/Engineering E102P29Muddy footsteps and hydrosocial futures: understanding relationality with, through and about wateremail
09:00Science Site/Chemistry CG218P38"The enemy within": states of exception and ethnographies of exclusion in contemporary Europeemail
09:00Science Site/Chemistry CG60P45Living with and through profusion: narrating selves and shaping futuresemail
09:00Calman - Ken WadeP47Exploring taskscape: new approaches to temporality and the doing of the worldemail
09:00Science Site/Engineering E101P56The ethnographer's slip: fail again, fail betteremail
11:00Science Site/Maths CM219Lab03Corresponding with threads: an exploration in movement, performance, materials, and anthropologyemail
11:00Science Site/Engineering E005P28Footprints and futures of ethnographies on sexual violence during conflictemail

07 July, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00Science Site/Maths CM219P03Trust and uncertainty in therapeutic encountersemail
09:00Palatine - PCL050P06Energy citizenships and prospects for low carbon democracyemail
09:00Science Site/Engineering E101P13Death and chronicity: new perspectives on cadaveric donationemail
09:00Science Site/Chemistry CG60P19Thinking otherwise at the extractive frontier: conflict, negotiation, translation, and a more equitable conversationemail
09:00Science Site/Maths CM105P20Anthropology of mental health: at the intersections of transience, 'chronicity' and recoveryemail
09:00Science Site/Maths CM221P26Everyday negotiations of capitalist temporalitiesemail
09:00Science Site/Maths CM107P35Cultural models of nature in primary food producers facing climate changeemail
09:00Science Site/Chemistry CG218P37The moment of movements: the temporalities forged by the performances of politicsemail
09:00Science Site/Chemistry CG91P57Im)possible lives: on futures as processemail
09:00Palatine - PCL054P59Arts of diplomacy across state and non-state contextsemail
09:00Palatine - PCL053P61Chaos beyond transition: making sense of space and time in post-socialist citiesemail
09:00Science Site/Engineering E102P65In search of common language: toward a dialogue between the anthropology of Islam, Christianity and Judaismemail
11:00Science Site/Engineering E101P39Research as developmentemail
16:00Hogan Lovells Lecture TheatreP62Textures of time: time, affect and anthropologyemail

Date TBD

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
[TBD][TBD]WP50Politics, 'market-making' and the organ trade: empirical accounts of (in)human practicesemail