ASA15: Symbiotic anthropologies: theoretical commensalities and methodological mutualisms


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13 April, 2015

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
16:00Alumni AuditoriumPlen1Race, genealogy and heredityemail

14 April, 2015

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:15Room 8P06Symbiotic anthropologies: new disciplinary relationships in an age of austerityemail
09:15Room 5P09Hospitality, dependence and mutuality: negotiating positionality and methodologies in the Middle Eastemail
09:15Room 9P16New directions in anthropology, architecture and designemail
09:15Room 4P18Anthropology and diplomacyemail
09:15Room 7P23Collaboration and partnership in human-animal communities: reconsidering ways of learning and communicationemail
09:15Room 3P24Ordinary crisis: kinship and other relations of conflictemail
09:15Room 11P29Migration's desire: uncovering the global imaginaries and subjectivitites of (im)mobilityemail
09:15Room 12P32Anthropology and heritage studiesemail
09:15Room 10P35Children and societyemail
09:15Room 2P40Film, audio and multimedia programme: symbiosis: sound, vision and the sensesemail
11:15Room 1P13Anthropology and psychotherapyemail
14:00Room 12L01Dream literacy workshopemail
16:00Alumni AuditoriumPlen2Geographies of contagion, logics of containmentemail

15 April, 2015

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:15Room 1P07Anthropology and disaster studies: a symbiotic relationship (DICAN - EASA Disaster and Crisis Anthropology Network)email
09:15Room 2P08Medical evidence beyond epistemologyemail
09:15Room 5P17Symbiotic anthrozoology: cultivating (or advocating?) ethics of coexistenceemail
09:15Room 12P19Off-shoots in research: how do research practicalities shape content and data in contemporary ethnographies?email
09:15Room 9P22Time-tricking: human temporal engagements, devices and strategiesemail
09:15Room 4P25Perilous proximities: Challenges of closenessemail
09:15Room 10P26Social media and inequalityemail
09:15Room 8P31Entwined worlds: equine ethnography and ethologiesemail
09:15Room 3P36Engagement and disengagement in crisis: anthropology as a mutualist concernemail
11:15Room 11P21Resistance and complicityemail
11:15Room 7P38Teaching anthropology?email
14:45Room 9P04Building intercultural bridgesemail
16:45Alumni AuditoriumPlen3Biology as process, biology in progressemail

16 April, 2015

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:15Room 1L03Mutual anthropologies: developing some reciprocal approaches to researchemail
09:15Room 11P02The medium is the message: attention to language and ways of speaking in understanding socialityemail
09:15Room 8P03Visual anthropology in the New World societyemail
09:15Room 2P05Exploring postsecular anthropology from the perspective of anthropologists with a faith commitmentemail
09:15Room 10P10Art and medical anthropologyemail
09:15Room 9P14Towards an anthropology of the 'not-yet': development planning, temporality and the futureemail
09:15Room 12P20'Anthropology is philosophy with the people in'email
09:15Room 5P27Inside 'symbiotic' anthropologies: collaborative practicesemail
09:15Room 7P30Unnatural selection and the making of nonhuman animalsemail
09:15Room 3P33Righteous scroungers: distribution, reciprocity and fairness after full employmentemail
09:15Room 4P34Ambiguous, ambivalent, and contingent kinship: the generative slipperiness of relations and 'being together'email
14:00Alumni AuditoriumPlen4Debate: Anthropology needs to discard the distinction between life and non/lifeemail