ASA14: Anthropology and Enlightenment


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20 June, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 4P01Enlightenment's third pillar: solidarity and solidarity economiesemail
09:00Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 5P02Regenerationemail
09:00Playfair Building, Fellows LibraryP03Exploring 'atmospheres': an anthropological approach?email
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 5P07Reason and passion: the parallel worlds of ethnography and biographyemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.11P09Re-membering transnational living heritagesemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson Hall AP17Repositioning health, illness and the body: the challenge of new theoretical approaches to medical anthropologyemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 1P18The anthropology of connections: ethnography, archive and language in the work of Professor Tristan Plattemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.04P22Health and wellbeing in post-war Europe: the contentious issue of abortionemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 3P23Humanity at sea: hybridity and seafaringemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Tausend RoomP35Light as material culture, experience and practiceemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Seminar RoomP38Moral certainty and ambiguity in research: anthropology's enlightenment legacies and the politics of ethnographyemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 2P55Ruined bodies and aging buildings: architecture, oblivion, decayemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.14P63Economic wealth and mental health: questioning the paradoxesemail
09:00Playfair Building, Main HallP64The failed utopia: 'enlightening' the contradictions of christianisation, secularisation and civilisation in the Americasemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson Hall BP68Made to measure: measurement, anthropology and the enlightenmentemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Wadsworth RoomP70Virtue in the marketplaceemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.12P72Anthropology of storytellingemail
11:00Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 1P52Art, politics, ethnographyemail
11:00Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 2P74Power, desire and social contract: power's aftermath in the contemporary worldemail
11:00Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 4P75Postcolonial perspectives on the Enlightenment and ethics (World Council of Anthropological Associations Ethics Taskforce)email
14:00Quincentenary Building, Seminar RoomP19Political subjectivities in resource-rich authoritarian countriesemail
14:00Quincentenary Building, Wadsworth RoomP27A world of goods and the wealth of nations: anthropologies of exportemail
14:00Quincentenary Building, Tausend RoomP33Facing outwards: anthropology beyond academia (a panel convened by the ASA's Apply Network)email
14:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.11P60Between the mediation of diversity and the diversity of mediations: considerations on contemporary world circulations, belongings and contoursemail
16:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson HallPlen01Does eliminating disease produce wealthy nations?email
16:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 4Plen02Beauty, order, harmony and designemail

21 June, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 5P04Architects of utopiaemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Wadsworth RoomP05'True religion' and the anthropology of the Scottish Enlightenmentemail
09:00Playfair Building, Fellows LibraryP10Imaginaries of homeemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson Hall BP12Being, being human, and becoming beyond humanemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.14P13Beauty trapsemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 3P14Meetings: procedure and artifacts of modern knowledgeemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 4P29Rituals of development: the magic of a modernising projectemail
09:00Playfair Building, Main HallP31"Indigenous" space and local politicsemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.11P32Perfection: histories, technologies, cosmologiesemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.12P39'Alternative' beauty in 'alternative' communities, scenes and subculturesemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Tausend RoomP40Ethnographies of waitingemail
09:00Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 1P51When means and ends coincide: beyond 'utility'email
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 2P59The place of 'place' in wellbeing scholarshipemail
09:00Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 5P61In the name of progress, disease control and elimination: medical research, global funds and local peopleemail
09:00Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 2P62Religious life and medical traditionsemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 1P65Linking the moral and the political economy in the European peripheryemail
09:00Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 4P69Designing death: fashioning ends of life and beyondemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson Hall AP71Anthropologies of Buddhism and Hinduismemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Seminar RoomP79The best of 'Ideas in Movement': papers from the RAI Postgraduate Conferenceemail
11:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.14P08Tobacco and Enlightenmentemail
11:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.11P28ICTs, biopolitics and health: making and unmaking bodies and persons in a world of globalised telecommunicationsemail
14:00Quincentenary Building, Tausend RoomP06Reflections on moral sentiments within the anthropology of developmentemail
14:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson Hall BP15Skulls, faces and being humanemail
14:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson Hall AP25Force, change and readjustment: weather and energyemail
14:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.04P47Risk, value, ethics: the political logics of transnational finance and medicineemail
14:00Quincentenary Building, Wadsworth RoomP67Anthropology in and of education: implications for representations of human natureemail
14:00Quincentenary Building, Seminar RoomP77Anthropology and the post-enlightenment personemail
16:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 4Plen03Human / Natureemail
16:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson HallPlen04Natural religionemail

22 June, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 1P11Infectious disease and wealth: exploring the links between tuberculosis and the political economyemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 3P16The 'evidence' of death: necrographic accounts on death perspectivesemail
09:00Playfair Building, Main HallP20New immortalities: anthropological reflections on the procurement, transformation and use of human cadaveric tissueemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 4P21Invisible hands: alternate modes of prosperity, wealth and well-beingemail
09:00Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 2P24Objects, persons or property? Revisiting human-animal relations in the Andes, Amazonia and the American Arcticemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson Hall BP26Nationalism, democracy and morality: a historical and anthropological approach to the role of moral sentiments in contemporary politicsemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 2P30The uncertain bodily relations of contemporary economic practiceemail
09:00Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 1P36What is (religious) Enlightenment? Kant, freedom and obedience in religion todayemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 5P41Social anthropology and human originsemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson Hall AP42Difference in an interconnected worldemail
09:00Playfair Building, Fellows LibraryP44After development: critical aesthetics of past futuresemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Seminar RoomP46Global Christianity: remaking social worlds in South and Southeast Asiaemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Wadsworth RoomP53Educated youth in search of enlightenment in South Asia (and beyond)email
09:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.12P54Road biographiesemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.11P56Towards a gendered economic anthropology/ towards a gendered critique of political economyemail
09:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.14P58The enlightening museum: anthropology, collecting, encountersemail
09:00Quincentenary Building, Tausend RoomP66Community, belonging and moral sentiment: is to belong to be a moral person?email
11:00Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.11P50Social animals and us: anthropomorphism and animal utopiasemail
14:00Quincentenary Building, Wadsworth RoomP43A tartan imaginary: cultural identity through the looking glass of the 'Scottish' second sight phenomenaemail
14:00Quincentenary Building, Seminar RoomP49Commercialization, experimentation and health in low-resource countries: pharmaceuticals, collaborations and global philanthropyemail
16:00Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 4Plen05Can we have our nature/culture dichotomy back, please?email
16:00Quincentenary Building, Wolfson HallPlen06Moral sentiments: finding again anthropology's moral voice and visionemail