ASA12: Arts and aesthetics in a globalising world

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, 3rd-6th April 2012

This page lists all the accepted papers by author. Click on a panel reference to see the panel page and paper details.

Abraham, JanakiBetween the couple and the videographer: Ritual, identity and aesthetics in marriage videos in North Kerala, IndiaP48
Abraham, Shirleyat a tent theatre near you: exploring shared ritualistic viewing practices during the annual visits of traveling cinemas in MaharashtraP14
Achari, PremjishReclaiming the Political from Aesthetics: Exploring the Arab Spring and AftermathP04
Acharya, IndranilNarratives of marginalization of dalit and tribal women in Bengal and Jharkhand: a study of the fictions of Anil GharaiP50
Adeli, JamilaTranslocal art worlds in times of medialisation: India's contemporary art world in transition. P19
Aguilar, GaelynThinking freedom: the balance between autonomy and careP33
Ahuja, NamanThe paradox of international laws on protecting and preserving heritagePlen2
Aiyadurai, AmbikaRepresentations of biodiversity in North East IndiaP18
Alex, GabrieleShrubs, Seeds and Foxskulls: The art of Narikuravar folk healingP31
Annavaram, NeredimalliCultures and Communities: The Distinct life-worlds of Peasants and Forest-dwellers in Andhra PradeshP26
Araújo, CaioDe-colonial aesthetics: violence and political sensibilities in the late Portuguese EmpireP34
Arora, VibhaFraming indigeneity and environmentalism among the Lepchas of Sikkim, IndiaP18
Arora, VibhaJhumming as defining feature of Kuki Identity in Northeast IndiaP26
Awasthi, NisthasriPolitical ecology of transhumance and change among the Bhotias of Kumaon, Uttarakhand.P26
Babu, RoshniOn the "logico-poetics" of Francis ZimmermanP45
Baishya, AnirbanImagining the nation in Assamese cinema (1930s-1970s)P18
Bajracharya, Sepideh"A Country of Hearsay and Rumor": The Aesthetic Politics of Rumor Publics in Urban NepalP34
Banks, MarcusForensic fictions: first thoughts on media representations of forensic scienceP37
Baracchini, LeïlaCrossing the borders: Issues and input of a sociology of art perspective for a better understanding of artworks' transcultural circulationP19
Barry, ChrisIntense Proximity: The Spatial Grammar of Social ConflictP34
Basu, NayaneeCreating Freedom : The Story of Healing Through Dance in KolkataP33
Batool Syeda, FaridaThe Mujra Dance Video Cds: Its Production, Content and Masculine Desire in Present Day Pakistani Popular Culture P07
Battaglia, GiuliaColonial India: why does it matter to contemporary aesthetics of (documentary) film practice in India?P16
Battaglia, GiuliaReflecting upon the predicament of digital image-making in South AsiaP20
Bethel, NicoletteDesigning (counter) culture: Politics, CARIFESTA, and self-making in the CaribbeanP28
Bhandari, ParulFrom Ballroom Dancing to the Ghoonghat: Indian Weddings and the Aesthetics of Negotiating IdentitiesP48
Bharadwaj, AdityaVisible Disappearances: Aesthetics of Anatomical Erasure and Biogenetic Representation P30
Bhattacharya, BinayakWho Were the 'People' in IPTA?: Revisiting the History of Marxist Cultural Movement in IndiaP47
Bhattacharya, Debaditya(Un)witnessing the Event: Testimony as PoesisP40
Bhattacharyya, Urmi"Representation to 'Re-Presentation' : A Sociological Analysis of the Santhal Scroll Paintings and Performance, and their Relation to the World of Magic and Religion"P29
Bhattacharyya Thakur, MiniA Sensual Delight in Eating: Exploring the Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics of Culinary Tourism in Assam P10
Bindi, SerenaAesthetics, Healing and Embodied Experience in Dehradun: a comparative approach to healing and aesthetics in a north Indian urban context. P46
Binny, MalavikaHeroic Memories:the inscription of power and gender into social memory through virakalsP40
Bordia, DevikaThe Ethics of Duty: Visions of Community and Political Action in RajasthanP42
Borges, AntonadiaUmabo in contemporary Kwazulu-Natal: art, grace and skill in performing a Zulu wedding P48
Born, GeorginaWhat is music? Ontological politics of experimental digital music in the UKP21
Boudreault-Fournier, AlexandrinePirate State: Music circulation in late socialist CubaP21
Bradley, TamsinRural Artists' Encounter with Anthropologists and Corporate ProfessionalsP10
Bressan, AnitaFraming cultures: the multicultural and ethnographic hijacking of the voice of the (1950s Italian women) migrants (to Australia)P32
Brosius, ChristianeFor Love's Sake? Sonic and visual aesthetics of weddings in contemporary Nepal P48
Bublatzky, CathrineIndia's contemporary art on global highwaysP19
Bunn, StephanieMaking Aesthetics: the hand-made perspectiveP08
Burnett, Leon'Aimer et mourir/ Au pays qui te ressemble': Representations of Love and Death in Poetry and MythP24
C.P., VinodProduction of social memories in the making of present and interpreting the past: Narratives of an 'abolished' labour institution in a highland region of Kerala, IndiaP13
Campbell, BenDomestic reflections of sustenance strategies in northern Nepal.P06
Capelán, AnnikaFiber-mnemonicsP13
Caroso, CarlosAesthetics and rhetoric in religious therapeutic agencying by a holy man in Bahia, BrazilP49
Chakravarti, AvijitRural Artists' Encounter with Anthropologists and Corporate ProfessionalsP10
Chand, BibhasNarratives of marginalization of dalit and tribal women in Bengal and Jharkhand: a study of the fictions of Anil GharaiP50
Chandra, AnuradhaA Retro Affair: silver emulsion in the age of digitalP03
Chandra, UdayBeyond Subalternity: The Political Aesthetics and Ethics of Adivasi Resistance in Contemporary JharkhandP42
Chatterjee, SriaThis is not a portrait: the problem of representation and a global history of art P02
Chattopadhyay, DhrupadiAberration as the Norm: Conversion and issues of Representation in Nineteenth Century BengalP05
Chaudhuri, SayanBabel: Violence and HumanismP09
Chaudhuri, ShubhaThe local in the times of the global: interventions of an ethnomusicology archivePlen3
Chauhan, AbhaIdentity and Aesthetics of Food Culture: The Dogra Weddings of Jammu, J & K (India)P48
Chhakchhuak, LalhmangaihiUnderstanding the notion of social body: A critical study of scientific medicine and religious healing in MizoramP46
Chien, Mei-LingLife Historical Narrations and the Framing of the Subjectivity and Identity of the Rural Immigrants in East Guizhou (1930-2010)P32
Chowdhury, IndiraFolk Performances and Forms of Public MemoryP13
Cimdina, AgneseThe aesthetics of rural life or manifestations of wellbeing in Latvia's small-holder economies. P45
Ciotti, ManuelaA postcolonial renaissance: 'Indianness', contemporary art, and the market in the age of neoliberal capitalP30
Coessens, Kathleencartographical spaces of memory - between arts and lived experienceP13
Coessens, KathleenPanel discussion for all presenters "Improvisation as art: (re)creating the unexpected situation" P33
Collins, DawnBenefits and Blessings: perceptions of Tibetan ritual dances ('cham) in modern Bhutan P25
Das, DebojyotiVisual Anthropology and the Knowledge of the 'Other': Representing Colonial Subjects through Photography in Naga HillsP18
Das, Nava KishorFolk-Knowledge, Sacred Landscape and Visual anthropologyP18
Dash, ManasiOne sense at a time workshops for children with AutismP51
Datta, AnkurDisplacing Commemoration: memory work and spatial and performative politics among Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir P40
Datta, SanghitaThe making of the 'self' in the conflicted border zones: a study of the enclave zones of BengalP42
Dave Mukherji, ParulArt History and Its Discontents in Global TimesPlen1
David, Ann R.Dance, ritual and thunder dragons: exploring cultural politics and national identitiesP25
de Alwis, MalathiViolence, Memory & the Politics of Reconciliation in Sri LankaP34
Deo, AditiFolk Music in the Digital Realm: Shared Commons or Cultural PropertyP21
Desai, AmitThe cultivation of creativity and the management of chaos at an artists' village in Chennai P38
Dey, RomaPolitical socialization through graffitiP47
Dhar, DikshaCommemorating the Bhadralok: A Study of Culture as Governance in the Context of West BengalP28
Dorji, TsheringThe state of theatre in Bhutan and the role of Happy Valley Theatre as an Advocate of Change P25
Douglas, AnneAltering a fixed identity: Thinking through improvisationP33
Drnovsek Zorko, SpelaTelling Lives: the framing and reception of narratives in Yugoslav refugee familiesP13
Duggal, VebhutiThe 'Pirate' DJP21
Dutta, DebjaniScreen Substances: The Mediatized Object of the Korean WaveP27
Dutta Roy, RohitDeconstructing the Rama Consciousness: Appropriation of the Ramayana and its variations across IndiaP24
Eisenberg, AndrewM-commerce and the (re)making of the music industry in KenyaP21
Ekka, VincentNatural resources versus tribal lives: State policies and their impactP50
Eqbal, SaifThe dialectics of tradition and modernity in Indian superhero comicsP37
Ermel, MarjeDesigning a play for 'conversion': learning to perceive Krishna P05
Farah, SumbulAesthetics of devotion: Barelwi practice in the everydayP49
Favero, Paolo S. H.Reflecting upon the predicament of digital image-making in South AsiaP20
Fazio, NicolettaUnder the Light of the Imperial Parasol. Politics and Religion in Mughal Imperial PortraitsP29
Fox, Annaimprovisation through collaboration - two photographic projects: Pictures of Linda and Country GirlsP33
Frembgen, Juergen WasimAesthetics and Contexts. Visual Cultures of the Muslim WorldPlen3
Froerer, PeggyThe aesthetics of conversion to school education in rural ChhattisgarhP05
G, Arunima'Event, Image, Memory: Speculations on Politics and Visuality in IndiaP34
Gabrielli, MaysaThe fluid identity of the Other: Italian documentaries on IndiaP20
Gautam, KopalAccommodation of the primordial in Ra.OneP24
Ghahramani, LadanThe Aesthetics and Politics of Cultural Tourism in Iran P10
Ghosh, AbhikPopulating architecture with community: the symbolic integration of stark concrete with everyday life in Chandigarh, IndiaP38
Ghosh, ArjunMusic in protest, music as propertyP21
Ghosh, BaishaliReading and writing in absence : The donors' plaquesP29
Gilbert, HollyMapping Berlin: Memories in the Present MomentP13
Goel, SurbhiArchiving a cultural idiom: film, fiction, biography, art and documentP15
Gore, GeorgianaFlash mob dance: Embodied cosmopolitanism in the age of digital communication networking P44
Goswami, SubhashimWeaving Films, Shooting Cotton:The Cinema Making Fabric of MalegaonP20
Grandin, IngemarBetween the market and Comrade Mao: Newar cultural activism and ethnic/political movementsP39
Grau, AndreeMrinali Sarabhai, nationalism, and cosmopolitan aestheticP44
Greenhalgh, Cathy"Going Through the Mill"- Filming a Sensory Historiography of the Cotton Industry.P16
Grieder, AndreaRwanda: Healing and the aesthetic of poetryP46
Grønseth, Anne SigfridA hope for change: Ritual artefacts as agents of transgressionP43
Gupta, Anu HAnthropology and aesthetics in production of Phulkari P08
Gupta, LatikaOn sacred ground: Constructing an ancient tradition for 'Tibetan' Buddhism in SpitiP25
Gupta, ToolikaTextile Crafts and their contribution in Indian FashionP01
Gupta-Nigam, AnirbanCuratorial Governmentality: Discourses on Air-Conditioning in Contemporary India P28
Gurram, SrinivasInvoking Caste and Occupation in a Political Movement: The Case of Separate Telangana State MovementP47
Gustafsson, AnnaThe aesthetics of (the) hand-i(n)-craftsP08
Hadzimuhamedovic, AmraRemembering the Unseen: Images of Heaven and Earth in the Bosnian MosqueP13
Haripriya, SoibamThe Widow of the MartyrP40
Harris, ClareTrouble in Shangri-La: Tibetan Artists' Travels in the Global Contemporary ArtworldP19
Heintz, MonicaSensorial resonance as a key reading tool into migrants' experiencesP16
Hendry, JoyWhere Craft and Aesthetics have no distinction: Discussing some Japanese contributions to the Global ArenaP08
Henley, PaulBeyond denial - the ethnographic film-maker as authorPlen2
Hoefer, ReginaModes of Marketing and Commercialisation in Contemporary Tibetan Art P19
Hogan, SusanUsing the Therapeutic Arts in ResearchP31
Hughes, StephenWhat might we learn from a historical phenomenology of film going in colonial south India?P14
Hussain, DelwarThe Future that did not Happen: Recollections of the Project P35
Hussain, MehzabeenRe-scripting Ahom identity: The politics and aesthetics of Chaklong marriageP48
Ikegame, AyaReligious devotion and the political: the honour dispute revisitedP29
Ishaq, FizaArt, agency and performativity: the aesthetics of Ashura processions in HyderabadP49
Jadhav, SushrutFarmer suicides: state narratives and representation in popular cultureP12
Jain, RavindraLinkage between polyglot anthropology and publishing in India: step towards a solutionP11
Janeja, ManpreetImagining Bangladesh through the Aesthetics of FoodP35
Jaoul, NicolasNegotiating the class subject: Marxist-Leninist politics and the iconization of the rural poor in BiharP42
Jazeel, TariqBuilding Distributions of the Sensible: Architecture, Modernism and the Politics of Sri Lankan NationhoodP34
Jervis Read, CressidaBad Atmosphere? Negotiating politics, personhood and place in a low-income Delhi neighbourhood.P42
Jha, ShreyaWellbeing in India: Should Anthropologists Be Part of the Debate?P45
Jimo, LovitoliThe aesthetics of weddings and the consumerist 'craze' among the Sumi tribeP48
Jolaosho, OmotayoEmbodied Aesthetics: Sung Protest in Post-Apartheid South AfricaP34
Joshi, ShrutiPolitics of Ecology with relation to Caste and Community in the Kumaon hills of UttarakhandP26
Joshi, ShrutiCulture and Ecology in the Hills of North East IndiaP26
Joshi, SonamThe Socialist vision and the photographic eye in the 1940sP52
Joshi, VibhaMotifs and aesthetics of Christian conversion among the Naga of northeast IndiaP05
Jumabhoy, ZehraBeing Glocal? Art In The Age Of The Survey.P23
K V, CybilHierarchy, History andPerformance: Critical Comments on a Non-Brahminical Ritual P13
Kalshoven, Petra TjitskeOn dialectics between art and craft: the case of taxidermyP08
Kamra, LipikaRevolutions within revolutions: women in extreme left movementsP42
Kannuri, Nanda KishoreFarmer suicides: state narratives and representation in popular cultureP12
Kaur, Manpreet"O brother, Jugni speaks": Listening the text and context of JugniP09
Kaur, RaminderThe Fictions of Science and Cinema in IndiaP37
Kaur, RavinderAdda at Davos: aesthetics and art of exchange in a global market placeP30
Kavanagh, WilliamConsuming 'Nature': Cultural Tourism in the Mountains of Central Spain.P10
Khan, ShabnamHome and University: The Aesthetics of Making Two Ends MeetP03
Khatun, SayemaThe aesthetic process of imagination of Bangladesh and the politics of Bengali and indigenous Identity P35
Khorana, SukhmaniIndian Migrants in Australia: Beyond the Middle Class FramingP32
Kipgen, NgamjahaoJhumming as defining feature of Kuki Identity in Northeast IndiaP26
KK, ManafMaking 'un-reformed': family, gender and class in Islamic charity images in South IndiaP52
Korpela, MariAestheticisation of artefacts in the lives of western lifestyle migrant children in Goa, IndiaP43
Krishnan, RajanEveryday Aesthetics and Refashioning of SelvesP39
Kshetrimayum, OtojitThe Politics of Handloom as a Craft: Exploring the Dynamics of Cloth, Society and Social Change in ManipurP08
Kuldova, TerezaEmbroidered Seduction, Embroidered Modesty: On Luxury Garments and Femininity in Contemporary India P01
Kumar, AkshayaWatching Bhojpuri Cinema with the 'Indecent Crowds' in Decrepit Single-Screen Theatres: Ethics of Space, Image and Spectatorship versus Aesthetics of Homosocial MasculinityP14
Kumar, NehaMobile Media and Piracy in IndiaP21
Kumar, VikrantGlobalisation and Corporitisation of Indian Agriculture: A Review of Food Insecurity in IndiaP06
Kumar Mangalam, PathakDrawing, painting and writing resistance: texts of Eduardo Galeano and graffiti in JNUP47
Kwek, IvanWorldmaking in an ethnic corner: designing a distinctively Malay spaceP41
Laine, AnnaRefraining and Longing: Ambiguous Relationships to Kolam in the Tamil DiasporaP43
Lambert, HelenTherapeutic iconography: Visual imagery in a marginal medical traditionP31
Lawrence, Andy101 circles and 2 straight linesP20
Le Gargasson, IngridRemember the old masters: the musical and social practices of memory in Hindustani music milieuP22
Lebedinsky, VivianaAnthropological specificities in the study of the aesthetics of an artistic object: the problem of movementP08
Levell, NicolaHaida goes pop! Transpacific graphics and indigenous narratives P02
Lind, CraigTisien eni atan: writing in the groundP08
Lokhandwala, ArshiyaAll that Is Solid Melts into Air: Indian Contemporary Art in Global TimesP23
Longkumer, ImtirenlaThe Jewellery trail: Interface between the old and the new traditionP17
Lora-Wainwright, AnnaWellbeing in polluted conditions: anthropology in an industrialised Chinese villageP45
Macdonald, Alison"Seeing as surviving": the aesthetics of visibility in experiencing breast cancer in Mumbai, India.P46
Macdonald, HelenScepticism as healing artP46
MacRae, GraemeThe moral/aesthetic economy/ecology of agriculture in BaliP06
Maddipati, VenugopalNarrating Familiarity: Frederick Growse and the Architectural Experience of Colonial Bulandshahr: 1878-1886. P03
Majumdar, AninditaWaiting for the Womb: Representing Reproduction in the Infertility Clinic Waiting RoomP31
Majumdar, KrishnakaliPolitical socialization through graffitiP47
Majumder, AtreyeeBeing Human in Howrah: Life of Voluntarism on the Peri-urbanP42
Malhotra, Namita A.We found love in a hopeless place: aesthetics, technology, body in amateur productionP16
Mamun, AbdullahMoner Manush: Travelling of Faqir Lalon Shah in the wrold of Hindu saints and the imagination of Bangali nationP35
Mantuong, KamminthangThe arts and aesthetics of popular healing among the Santals of rural West Bengal, IndiaP46
Marak, QuinbalaDisplayed Carcasses: A Visual Impact of Shillong's Butchery StallsP18
Mathews, GordonContesting Anglo-American Anthropological Hegemony in PublicationP11
Mathur, NitaModernity, Fashion and Style as Cultural Constructs in IndiaP01
Mathur, SaloniArt's Global Stage: Critical ParadigmsP19
Mazumdar, RanjaniRetro Bombay in contemporary cinemaPlen2
Mehra, DiyaBuilding Protesting Publics: Local Trade in New 'world-class' DelhiP04
Mehra, SmritiValentine's Day and Floriculture in BengaluruP06
Mehrotra, NilikaGendered Prestations and Property: Gold, Aesthetics and Social Identity in IndiaP17
Mehta, ArunOne sense at a time workshops for children with AutismP51
Mehta, ArunOnline Singing Training for Persons with Autism and their CaregiversP51
Mehta, DeepakThe Ayodhya Dispute: Demolition, Damage and the Emergency ImaginaryP34
Meier, JanneDoing 'Something Indian' : Designer strategies betwixt and between P01
Mendonca, KarlSeeing Double: Is Old Delhi Modern?P20
Menon, BinduChronicles of a disappearance: P K Rosy and contemporary Malayalam cinemaP37
Milosevic Bijleveld, SophiaWeaving the threat of memory: war rugs and the memorialisation of war in AfghanistanP13
Mishra, Ravi ShankarJadupatias in the aesthetics of craft of jewellery makingP08
Mohsini, MiraIn and out of time: Skilled memory, narratives performances and the construction of value among artisans in Old DelhiP13
Mookherjee, NayanikaMobilising Images, Muktir Gaan and migrants of the Bangladesh war of 1971P34
Mopidevi, Srinivas AdityaInterruptions in Culture and History: Media Based Art of(f) IndiaP20
Morelli, CamillaThe river echoes with laughter: exploring Matses children's aesthetic experiences in Peruvian Amazonia P03
Mosse, DavidDalit performance art, cultural politics and the renegotiation of identityP39
Mottin, MonicaKamlari voices and movements: repositioning Tharu indigenous artistic knowledge into global activismP39
Mu, Pei-FanExploring self-healing process through expressive art work in children with brain tumor: An ethnography method P31
Muenster, UrsulaOf Guns, Fences, and Wire: Experiencing forest governance in Wayanad, Kerala, South IndiaP26
Mukherjee, MadhujaOtherness of Cinema: Video Technologies, Marginal Cultures, Economy of New Industries P07
Mukherjee, NilanjanaIndia in the World Fashion FairP01
Mukherjee, SinjiniOf Medical Specialities and Spaces: The Therapeutic Aesthetics of Renal Transplantation P31
Munikempanna, RashmiResisting being uber-cool: an artist's encounter with BengaluruP38
Münster, Daniel'Ginger is a Gamble': On the moral economy of agrarian crisis and the neoliberalisation of agriculture in Wayanad (Kerala)P06
Murgai, GauravSolving the Anthropological Double-standard: The Role of Technology in Overcoming the Euro-American Hegemony over KnowledgeP11
Naik, Iswar ChandraRethinking Satyagraha in the context of Environmental movement in India: a Study of Kashipur block of OrissaP47
Nakamura, FuyubiEphemeral but eternal traces of Asia in the artworldP19
Naraindas, HarishThe sybaritic as therapeutic: The therapeutic pleasures of art and architecture in German rehabilitative medicineP31
Nayar, MahimaBelief systems: Forgotten Component in well being P45
Ninh, Thien-Huong"Mary at the Ethnic Frontier": Marianism Among Vietnamese in Vietnam, the U.S., and CambodiaP29
Nolan, SuzanneCreating a new 'real-topia' from the teachings of the ancient Maya: Mayanism and the reappropriation of mythP24
O'Kelly, MickArt Tactics and IndeterminacyP33
Ohri, LokeshDancing Across the Thresholds of Caste: Enacting Transcendence and 'Egalitarianism' in the Western Himalaya P39
Paganopoulos, MichelangeloThe Changing World of Satyajit Ray: Anthropological Reflections on Authorship and HistoryP15
Pain, ParomitaCitizen Video Producers Changing Indian MediaP20
Parasuram, RamamoorthiDrama for AutismP51
Parikh, AnanyaRe-thinking Film Curatorial Practice in India: A Few ExamplesP27
Pathak, SuryasikhaCapturing the 'savage' and the 'civilized': Seeing through the lens of the American Baptist MissionP18
Pati, Sushmita Building 'Monuments' in a World Class City: Aesthetics and Politics in Contemporary DelhiP34
Patnaik, SoumendraCulture as Tourism Product : State Policy and Identity Politics in Nagaland of North East India P10
Paul, AnnieTaking art back: select artistic offensives, tactics and strategiesP23
Paul, Pallavi Frenzy of Bandwidths: Documenting TechnologyP16
Paul, SoumyadeepTheory w/Out WordsP20
Pereira, CláudiaRitual, tourism and sensorial dimension among the Catholic Gaudde in Goa, IndiaP10
Peters, GaryCertainty, Contingency and ImprovisationP33
Pinney, Christopher"Gandhi, Camera, Action! Anna Hazare and the 'media fold' in twenty-first century India"Plen2
Pohjonen, MattiTheory w/Out WordsP20
Prakash, BrahmaJana Natya Mandali's Gaddarian Approach to Theatre and Performance: The Development of a Revolutionary AestheticP47
Prickett, StaceyThe popular meets the classical: New cosmopolitanism in Hip-hop's dialogue with KathakP44
Rahman, MunjulikaFolk, food and folly: Bangladeshi 'folk' dance and the Bengal famine of 1943P35
Rajkhowa, ArjunWriting of Home: the retrospective gaze of Attia Hosain and Imtiaz DharkerP09
Ram, KalpanaCosmopolitanism and hegemony: the forging of new tastes in IndiaP44
Ranjan, GeetikaUnderstanding Multinational Corporate Culture in India through Fiction: An Anthropological StudyP15
Rao, MeghanaAdministrating Death: Changing meaning(s) of suicide at the intersection of Law, Medicine and Development discourse in IndiaP12
Rath, Govinda ChandraInventing boundary of wellbeing and development:a response to Integrating Action Plan for the Naxal affected tribal districts in IndiaP45
Raubisko, Ieva'Belonging to one's place' as condition of a good life: understandings of well-being in rural LatviaP45
Ravetz, AmandaImprovisation in anthropology and art - habitus and movementP33
Ray, UtsaThe cosmopolitan and the regional: understanding Bengali cuisineP22
Reddy, SunitaArt of creating designer babies through ARTP31
Reuter, ThomasNew Hegemonic Strategies in Publication: Research Quality Evaluation and Corporate JournalsP11
Rowan, JaneRural Artists' Encounter with Anthropologists and Corporate ProfessionalsP10
Rozario, SantiTransformation of the cult of St Anthony of Padua in a popular centre of Pilgrimage in rural BangladeshP25
Sabnani, NinaAnimated EthnographyP16
Saharan, VikasGrassroot movements and mobilisation for protecting natural resources: some reflections from RajasthanP47
Sahi, JyotiThe artistic imagination in ruptured landscapesPlen1
Sahni, RohiniDressing up for consumption: or how sex workers project themselves for the public gazeP01
Sahu, IpsitaAutomobility: Architecture and Cosmopolitanism in ChanakyaP14
Said, MauricePassing the buck: Suicide, Shame and the shifting of status in southern Sri LankaP12
Saikia, PrarthanaReflecting on poetics of ethnography in literatureP15
Sakhinala, Santhosh KumarComposing the memory: N T Rama Rao and Performing IdentityP40
Samuel, GeoffreyTibetan ritual dance as public performance and state ceremony: the evolution of the Tshe bcu in Bhutan and the 2011 Dochu La festivalP25
Sanathanan, ThamotharampillaiMemorizing Home: Art as Place MakingP34
Sansi, RogerThe Poltics of Esthetics and the Esthetics of Politics in BarcelonaP34
Saraf, VarunikaThis Curio called Indian Miniature circa 2000P10
Saraiva, ClaraDifferent aesthethics for different religions: the case of the Afro-Brazilian religions in PortugalP05
Sareen, SiddharthGoverning the conflicted commons: Democracy in the Indian tribal beltP50
Scharrer, TabeaThe aesthetics of superiority : Conversion narratives as performative acts in a climate of religious competitionP05
Schleiter, Markuslove, films and chewing-tobacco - an exploration of the "cultural margin" of a VideoCD circulation by an ethnography of a village video night in IndiaP07
Schmitt, SusanneMedia of desire? Olfactory aesthetics and olfactory agency in an exhibit on human sexualityP37
Schmitz, NorbertRobert Gardner's "Forrest of bliss". Potentials of ethnographic film beyond objectivism and deconstruction P15
Schroer, Sara Asu'Flights like poetry': Exploring aesthetic experiences in the practice of hunting with birds of prey. P03
Selim, Lala RukhArt of Bangladesh: the changing role of tradition, search for identity and globalization.P35
Sen, AtreyeeSlaps, beatings, laughter, adda, puppet shows: Naxal women prisoners in Calcutta and the art of happiness in captivity P30
Sen, ShaunakTechno-materiality in Cinema: The Skin of the TelevisualP27
Sengupta, SamratRemnants of Revolution: Naxalbari Movement, Revolutionary Subjectivity and the Cultural Legacies of Middle-Classes in Bengal P42
Serafini, PaulaSubversion through performance: Performative activism in London (2010-2011)P04
Setterington, LynnThe role of improvisation in the success of a textile based public engagement projectP10
Shabbir, MohdFinding space for the migrant voice: A Ladakhi migrant's short story and its awkward receptionP32
Sharma, ArpeataReading Poetry: Suzuki Method for Autistic ChildrenP51
Sharma, ManishaFiction: a cultural mirrorP15
Sharma, SanjanaEffect of Fashion and Media on Beauty Notions in SocietyP01
Sharma, SarbaniThe Changing Contours of the Politics in Kashmiri Movement:Ideas, Practices & ResponsesP04
Sharma, ShalooArt therapy and autismP51
Shelke, AshwiniWarli Paintings: Tradition and ChangeP05
Shimreiwung, A.S.The Search for 'Idyllic Places' and 'Wild People': Visualizing Nagas Through the Prism of Colonial PhotographyP18
Shreen, Kala"Tie and Dye" - Production, Consumption and Circulation of Sungudi TextilesP41
Siddiqui, SameenaQuerying the popular: digital photographic practices and trick photography of seventiesP20
Siddiqui, SameenaAesthetics of space: Delhi and the sufi viewP29
Singh, Mani ShekharMaking Claims to Tradition: Poetics and Politics in the Works of Young Maithil PaintersP30
Singh, SabinaNarratives of Migrant Women Agricultural Labourers in Rural Punjab: Mapping the experiences of female migrants' work, well-being and changes in migrant-native relationshipP32
Singh Johal, RattanamolExhibiting India: The Opportunity Cost of a 'Global art history'P23
Sinha, GayatriRevisiting the post-colonial in the work of three contemporary women artistsPlen1
Sitlhou, HoineilhingCulture and Ecology in the Hills of North East IndiaP26
Sivonen, SanniGods for tourists: stone carving and tourist arts in Mamallapuram, Tamil NaduP08
Sonderkamp, MartinWhere you end and I begin: cognition and culture in experimental improvised music and danceP33
Sousa Santos, Ana Margarida'It's not my story to tell': violence, memory and story-telling in Mocimboa da Praia, MozambiqueP40
Spreafico, FilippoThe fiction of anthropology: content without audienceP15
Spyer, PatriciaArt Under Siege: Perils and Possibilities of Aesthetic Forms in a Globalizing WorldPlen1
Sreberny-Mohammadi, LeiliArticulating contemporary art in Iran: A view from two placesP19
Sreedhar, DarshanaAttukal Pongala: conflation of sacred and secular in popular imagination and public cultureP25
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