Authors and Papers

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Adams, EllenNegotiating spatial geographies: interdisciplinary approaches to the cityP30
Allerton, CatherineMaking guests: the transformative substances of hospitality in Manggarai, eastern IndonesiaP34
Andrews, PeterSettlement plan and cultural change in the Western HimalayasP30
Angelo, DanteFrom dust to dust (and back again): claims of culture in heritage timesP33
Antoniadou, IoannaDangerous encounters and intimate meanings: alternative pasts in western GreeceP14
Argent, GalaDe-objectifying animal others: considering animals 'as such' in past and traditional communitiesP15
Arroyo-Kalin, ManuelDomestication in a changing landscape: a historical ecological approach to the emergence of Amazonian anthropogenic dark earthsP09
Arsenijevic, DamirThe Monument Group - the politics of memoryP33
Bacchiddu, Giovanna'When I grow up, I want to peel potatoes'. Learning as imitation: children in Apiao, Chiloé, ChileP05
Bagdasarova, JaroslavaExperience of displacement: other, self and beyondP36
Bagdasarova, JaroslavaThe seagull flying against the windP43
Bagdasarova, JaroslavaBeing a tourist in one's own homeP43
Bagwell, MargaretAfter the storm: The potential for an archaeology of Hurricane Katrina destruction and reconstructionP19
Banks, MarcusPost-authenticity: dilemmas of identity in the 21st centuryPlen2
Baquedano, ElizabethBones and skulls among the AztecsP14
Belharte, StefanieLost in translation: authenticity academic vs. ancestralP06
Benjamin, JonathanInvestigating the submerged prehistory of Europe: ethnographic methodsP27
Bhuiyan, Nurul'What is there to expect from a Mawlana like him!': The 'approved ways' of entry into a 'good space' and a Bangladeshi qawmi madrasaP44
Biagetti, StefanoImagining aridity: an ethnoarchaeology of the Kel Tadrart (Southwest Libya)P32
Bilhaut, Anne-GaelThe memory of objects. 'Artifact teachers' in the Zapara production of knowledgeP14
Bille, FranckResisting resistance: women and nationalist discourse in MongoliaP44
Bizas, EleniPop video clips of Mbalakh: learning to dance in Dakar, SenegalP04
Blain, JennyFrom respect to reburial: examining contemporary pagan interest in prehistoric human remains in BritainP13
Bogdanovic, IgorThe question of territorial distribution of Illyrians in archaeological debate and in Serbo-Albanian cultural and political relationsP25
Boivin, NicoleCivilising the uncivilised: examining the origins of Indian Ocean civilisationP08
Bolton, MaggieMonuments to prehispanic and colonial pasts in the southwest of PotosíP18
Bonifacio, ValentinaCasado's LegacyP43
Bonshek, ElizabethCollecting relations in contemporary acquisitionsP40
Borelli, CaterinaAsmara: architecture, memory and the making of a nationP30
Borelli, Caterina'Asmara, Eritrea'P43
Boskovic, AleksandarThe uses of archaeology and the Serbian NeolithicP25
Bower, MimHorses and their caretakers in east and central AsiaP15
Brami, MaximeThe spread of farming as a major 'episode' of diffusion: a case study from Southeast EuropeP23
Brightman, MarcContinuity, change and the ownership of persons in native ecologies of Guianese AmazoniaP09
Brockwell, SallyStone forts and shell middens: archaeological and anthropological investigations in East TimorP25
Broz, LudekSpirits, genes and Walt Disney: modes of creativity in identity and archaeology disputes (Altai, Siberia)P14
Brumann, ChristophChanging conceptions of authenticity in the evolution of UNESCO World HeritageP06
Buchmann, JulianMeeting at Atagartis. Ancient Syrian sanctuaries as places of cult, resting and meeting in multifunctional roomsP29
Budden, SandyArenas of skill: learning strategies, family, kinship and specialisation in the Early to Late Middle Bronze Age in HungaryP05
Bunn, StephanieThe multiple understandings between deer, sheep and Central Asian pastoralistsP15
Cady, MiriamThe use of material culture by Trekkies in the negotiation of their identitiesP36
Cain, PatriciaEnactive copying: a first person methodology for investigating thinking processes and the nature of knowledge gained from practiceP12
Carreau, LucieScientific bricolage or amateur science? Exploring the distinctions between public and private collections of the early 20th centuryP40
Cassidy, RebeccaHorses and their caretakers in east and central AsiaP15
Chalcraft, JasperImagining aridity: an ethnoarchaeology of the Kel Tadrart (Southwest Libya)P32
Charlier, BernardBetween protector and predator, the ethical status of the dog among the Dörwöd MongolsP34
Chroustovský, LubošEncounters with (super-)natural: the role of visual imagination within symbolic significance of rock featuresP35
Clayville, KristelTextual ethnography: theological ethics as a dialogical locus for anthropology and archaeologyP26
Cobb, HannahMoving beyond the 'scape' to being in the (watery) world, whereverP27
Collins, PeterFrom narrative to narrativus: stories and materialityP35
Coupaye, LudovicKnowing what has been done: technology of ritual 'objects' amongst the Abelam (East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea)P01
Course, Magnus'The birth of the word': Mapuche ritual power and the metalinguistic imaginationP01
Cummings, VickiSomewhere beyond the sea: modelling contact across the Irish Sea in the late Mesolithic and early NeolithicP27
Das, AurogeetaDistinguishing between 'imitation', 'appropriation' and 'derivation': a discussion on Indian artsP12
Davis, AdrianShowing Archaeology a Wittgensteinian shaped hole: embracing and applying Wittgenstein's anthropological turnP44
Davis, ChristopherArtifacts of an inner landscape: making up an ethnographic mindP35
De Cesari, ChiaraCreative heritage: Palestine's new past between nationalism and transnationalismP33
De Rose, Isabel(Neo)-shamanic dialogues: encounters between the Guarani and ayahuascaP28
Dimova, RozitaThe poet on the bridge in the biblical land: brand-nationalism and art festivals in the Republic of MacedoniaP33
Donnellan, LieveSpace, place and architecture in the identity of the ancient Greek colonial world: archaeological realities and anthropological answersP30
Douny, LaurenceRevisiting the Mande: technology,efficacy and transformationP08
Dransart, PenelopeMonumentalising the past, appropriating power for future actionP18
Dresch, PatrickCreolised seascapes: Afro-Caribbean maritime cultureP27
Dreschke, AnjaImitative representations of the cultures of otherness among the Cologne TribesP06
Dudek, KarolinaMaking it interesting... On mediatization of wedding ritualsP43
Dugas, MarkServants of Ganesh: inside the elephant stableP43
Dwyer, EmmaUp the Junction: contemporary archaeologies of the nineteenth and twentieth centuriesP41
Edgar, IainHypothesising an archaeology and anthropology of the imagined selfP31
Eftychiou, EviCoffee houses and tourism in Cyprus: a traditionalised experienceP44
Elixhauser, SophieWayfinding, following and learning: navigating the frozen seascape in East GreenlandP27
Ellen, Roy'These rude implements': competing claims for authenticity in the Eolithic controversyP06
Elliott, MarkIncomplete portraits: art, anthropology and the Indian sculpture of Marguerite MilwardP40
Espirito Santo, DianaMateriality, cosmogony and presence in Cuban espiritismoP01
Esterling, SheaThe protection of cultural property: archaeology, anthropology or another way?P26
Faircloth, CharlotteFull-term breastfeeding: archaeology, anthropology and advocating 'natural' styles of parentingP11
Falleiros, GuilhermeAppearances can be captiveP28
Feuchtwang, StephanCivilisations as contrasting cosmocracies: West Africa and China comparedP08
Filippucci, Paola'Mute witnesses': the ruins of the battlefield and the reality of war on the former Western FrontP13
Florescu, MadalinaOn being arrested when distracted in Luanda: where phenomenology takes over ethnographyP44
Forero Angel, Ana María(Our compromise is Colombia!) !Nuestro compromiso es Colombia!: construction analysis of the Colombian army imagined communityP36
Fortis, PaoloNuchu and Kwaríp. Images of the past in Central and South AmericaP14
Franklin, AlexFirst space: on 'being' a researcherP26
Fraser, JamesDark earths and the domestication of landscape on the Middle Madeira River, Amazonas State, BrazilP09
Gama, FabieneFavelas and photographic self-representation: Olhares do Morro [looking from the slums]P36
Gatt, CarolinePublic engagement and theoretical paradigms: a focus on methodsP11
Geldart, Gemma Tacheles: a museum of itselfP43
Gibert, Marie-PierreCreative memory and local involvement of North African musicians in LondonP33
Giraldo Herrera, César EnriqueSeascapes of the far, far, far… West, technologies of seamanship and environmental modificationP27
Girke, FelixMorokapel's Feast. The story of a Kara hunting ritualP43
Glass, PatrickGrounded structuralism, gender, and weighting: lessons from the MassimP11
Goddard, VictoriaThe politics of absence: diverging perspectives on the identification of victims in the movement of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, ArgentinaP37
Gomes, SergioThe Body as a place of remembering and re-envisioning the past under Estado Novo dictatorship (Portugal)P19
Gosden, ChrisPeople, rice and the landscape in highland Borneo: emerging understandings from the Cultured Rainforest projectP09
Gosden, ChrisLost ancestry and English landscapesP32
Gow, PeterContemporary indigenous perspectives on ancient cities in AmazoniaP14
Grant, JulieThe Khomani Bushmen: new land, new life, old imageP44
Greenfield, Stuart'Animals are sensible and people are animals': wildlife rehabilitation workers, empathic engagement, and directed and reflexive perceptionP15
Grotti, Vanessa ElisaLike scars on the body's skin: the display of ancient things in Trio houses, northeastern AmazoniaP14
Günkel-Maschek, UteThe ritual coming of age and its social implications in the Bronze Age society of Thera: a case study of building Xesté 3, Akrotiri P29
Haaland, RandiCuisine from the Nile Valley to the Indus. Core areas and crossroadsP08
Hadji, AthenaThe production of space: Henri Lefebvre and the potential of his work on space for archaeologyP30
Haines, SophieAmbivalent frontiers: spatial and political imaginaries in southern BelizeP32
Hakenbeck, SusanneDesert oases and deserted villages: changing perceptions of ruins in the Libyan FazzanP19
Halloy, ArnaudObjects, bodies and gods: analysis of an ontological process in the Xangô Cult in Recife (Brazil)P01
Hanks, NickDoorways to the divine: the use of space in contemporary religious buildingsP29
Hann, ChrisBig revolutions, two small disciplines and socialismPlen1
Harkness, RachelAddressing the neglect of architecture: an exploration of what an interdisciplinary approach to architecture might reveal about the processes of building and dwellingP30
Harries, JohnArtefacts, replicas and tactile memory, or why some snowshoes just feel rightP12
Harris, MichaelNative appropriations: ethnogenesis and the politics of anthropology in coastal EcuadorP22
Heckenberger, MichaelA tale of two tropical cities (Brazil): irrational complexity, traffic and virtual reality - an archaeology of sub-human bodiesP10
Henley, PaulIn denial – authorship and ethnographic documentaryP43
Hernández, Macarena'I come from those ruins...' The archaeological construction of the community in the 'Pueblo Manta' (Manabí, Ecuador)P22
Herzfeld, MichaelMonti moments: men's memories in the heart of RomeP43
Heta, AlbertContemporary art practice vs heritage politicsP33
Heyd, VolkerHotspots of transmission: Selimpaşa, Kanlıgeçit, Gulubovo and the lifting of complexity in Early Bronze Age Southeast EuropeP23
Hill, LisaPost-disciplinary perspectives: opportunities for dialogue or identity crises?P41
Hodges, MatthewDisciplinary anthropology? Amateur ethnography and the invention of local 'heritage'P02
Holtorf, CorneliusExperiencing ‘pastness’: material culture, heritage and the notion of authenticityPlen2
Horton, MarkProtest, place and the contemporary pastP41
Howard, Penny McCall'Working the ground': a labour-centred approach to seascapeP27
Hudales, JožeMaterial culture in Slovenian museum collectionsP40
Hughes-Freeland, FeliciaThe seduction of stones: monuments as narratives of nationhood P18
Hurn, SamanthaNever look a gift horse in the mouth? The trouble with nonhuman animals in human ceremonial exchangesP15
Imre, KarathBe on the track of our ancestors 1-3P43
Imre, KarathCsonyik (an old traditional boat) is bornP43
Ingold, TimNo more ancient; no more human: the future past of archaeology and anthropologyPlen1
Irvine, RichardThe architecture of stability: the case of an English Benedictine monasteryP29
Irving, AndrewThe limits of the worldP35
Isaac, GwyneiraRites to knowledge: the intriguing tale of the Pitt Rivers War GodP12
James, WendyBridging the divide? Questions from social anthropology on current ideas in human evolutionP20
Janowski, MonicaPeople, rice and the landscape in highland Borneo: emerging understandings from the Cultured Rainforest projectP09
Janowski, MonicaImagining the force(s) of life and the cosmos in the Kelabit Highlands, SarawakP32
Jones, Ceri'I think somewhere in my head there's always this thing going on that this isn't real': exploring the role of living history in learning about the pastP44
Jones, SamanthaPeople, rice and the landscape in highland Borneo: emerging understandings from the Cultured Rainforest projectP09
Joyce, RosemaryLife with things: archaeology and materialityPlen1
Kalshoven, Petra TjitskeThings in the making: playing with imitation P12
Kamash, ZenaMaterialising religious experience in Roman BritainP31
Karkotis, AlexisOF Princesses and Conquistadors: Ngabe Myths woven in Panama's National and Historical NarrativesP44
Kellett, PeterOriginal copies? Imitative dwelling practices and housing forms in a squatter settlementP12
Kelly, AnnThe experimental hut: hospitable vectorsP34
Kendal, JeremyOn the coevolution of cognition and cultureP16
Khan, SabaIslam and its Mystical Realm: Redefining the Ritual DichotomyP28
King, Tanya"Take care lad... it's ganka weather!" - the role of an ambiguous Bass Strait sea-monster in socialising seascapes and landscapesP27
Knight, ChrisThe myth of patriarchyP20
Knight, TonyApes and hominids, humans and shamans: a heuristic journey of humaneness, humanness and humanityP15
Koerner, StephanieRevisiting Time and the Other (Fabian 1983)P02
Kranz, DaniMore than objects: Judaica jewellery in GermanyP44
Krmpotich, CaraThe continued presence of ancestors: the affective presence of ancestral remainsP13
Kuryel, AylinTravelling images: subversive imitations and imitated subversionsP44
Ladwig, PatriceBeing a guest in the realm of death: symbolic death rituals and the materiality of Thai Buddhist funeral cultureP34
Laing, JenniferChallenges associated with interpreting gold rush archaeology for visitors: a case study of the Bendigo Chinese Heritage PrecinctP02
Lake, MarkMacroevolutionary Patterning in Technological Evolution: Bicycle Design from 1800 to 2000P16
Lamont, MarkThe social afterlife of Swahili tombs on the Mrima coast, TanzaniaP13
Lane, Paul'But how false a view is this!' Historical ecology, climate change and anthropologies of East African pastoralismP09
Layton, RobertOn the coevolution of cognition and cultureP16
Layton, RobertCo-evolution: a means to reconcile the social and natural sciences?P16
Lazzari, MarisaTangible interventions: materiality, circulation and the lived landscapes of contemporary archaeologyP32
Leach, JamesIntroductionP24
Leick, GwendolynA case study: the mausoleum of Atatürk (Anitkabir) in Ankara, TurkeyP18
Leinonen, Riitta-MarjaFinnish horse culture and the changing human-horse relationshipP15
Leizaola, AitzpeaThe exhumation sites of Spanish Civil War mass graves: new grounds for interdisciplinary workP37
Lewis, JeromeTo what extent and with what qualifications can we make analogies that compare modern hunter-gatherers with our hunter-gathering ancestors to better understand human evolution? P20
Liardet, FrancesBoats, bottles, masters and memes: exploring technological practice and cultural changeP10
Lipkin Stein, NancyThe social power of public memory through presence and absenceP22
Locke, PiersTaming and training in the human use of elephants: the case of Nepal - past, present and futureP15
Locke, PiersServants of Ganesh: inside the elephant stableP43
Long, JosephSpirits, hosts, archaeologists and incomers: binding obligations at household and clan hearths in Southern SiberiaP34
Loovers, Jan Peter LaurensWood, trails and cabins: Gwich'in narratives of eventsP22
Lopez-Rocha, SandraImitate to belong? Chilean migrants watching the EnglishP44
Loussouarn, Claire'Today I'm winning, but I'm still losing': gambling in the present among London's Chinese gamblersP44
Luca, Gabriela-MarianaTuesday, the day of the creation of the Earth, evil spirit and Holy SaintP28
Lutton, JenniferLa belle creole: heritage, tourism and the politics of representation in St LuciaP02
Lye, Tuck PoFrom stones to stories and back to stories: anthropology and archaeology among the ruins of Sambor Prey Kuk, CambodiaP32
Lymer, KennethThe ice maiden: appropriation and contestation of an ancient mummy found in the mountains of the Altai, southern SiberiaP13
Lyon, StephenEthnographic archaeology of the South Asian self in a Pakistani Muslim villageP31
Machado, JulianaCreating sites: shaping and re-shaping domestic areas in Caviana IslandP09
Magalhaes Wallace, MartaThe ghost of anthropologists past: the exotic and the uncanny in Salvador da Bahia (Brazil)P02
Mair, JonathanAnthropology and public debate: a call for engagementP11
Mamoulaki, ElenaCohabitation and exile: a case of hospitality on a Greek island during the civil war of 1946-1949P34
Mann, CarolCulture, heritage and gender in AfghanistanP33
Mans, JimmyContinuity, change and the ownership of persons in native ecologies of Guianese AmazoniaP09
Margiotti Fortis, MargheritaCaught in the net of magic. Hospitality, dangers and magic powders in PanamáP34
Marshall, ClaireBreaking the sound barrier: complexity and transformation in experimental Neolithic archaeoacousticsP10
Martins, Ana Cristina(Re)cycled warriors and the monumentalisation of ancient LusitaniaP18
Marx, EmanuelImagining prehistoric society: Acheulian man in the LevantP35
Mattheeuws, ChristelThe strength of the land are its legs and armsP13
McAtackney, LauraTowards conducting an anthropological archaeology of Long Kesh/Maze prisonP41
McWilliam, AndrewStone forts and shell middens: archaeological and anthropological investigations in East TimorP25
Merlo, Stefania Desert oases and deserted villages: changing perceptions of ruins in the Libyan FazzanP19
Merlo, Stefania The study of domestic spaces in contemporary Botswana: inter-disciplinary experiences of teaching and learning P30
Mesaritou, EvgeniaThe role of a pilgrimage site's spatial structures in the construction of the sacred: the case of Padre Pio and the shrine of Santa Maria delle GrazieP29
Meskell, LynnArchaeological ethnography: materiality, heritage and hybrid methodologies Plen3
Mills, AndyMade in Tonga: authenticity and the commoditisation of identity in modern Pacific woodcarvingP06
Mizrahi, MyleneA pair of dancing trousers: multiple meanings attached to a piece of garment in a Rio de Janeiro funk ballP04
Moffat, ZemirahMirror MirrorP43
Moore, PenelopeBeing DaisyP43
Mukhopadhyay, DurgadasRemembering and re-invisioning the past in ecology,environment and sustainable development in IndiaP22
Murawski, MichałFrom resistance to heritage: 'cosmopolitan deviations' from socialist realist architecture and the making of 21st century WarsawP33
Myhre, KnutCivilisation unbound: relational ramifications in AfricaP08
Nafus, DawnDigging outside the academyP24
Nahodilova, Lenka'Imanarstvo': concepts of antiquity among Muslim minorities in BulgariaP14
Nakhshina, MariaCoast dwellers and sea - tangle of identities in the wake of collapse of the Soviet Union: a case study of Kuzomen' village, RussiaP44
Nash, GeorgeMaking permanent statements and creating long-term rock-art historiesP10
Needham, AndrewPalaeolithic 'Venus' figurines: persons as objects or objects as persons?P01
Neveling, PatrickModels of export-led development and diffusion: the case of the export processing zoneP23
Nodari, Maria Luisa'The day I carried Chairman Mao on the summit of Mt. Everest': remembering the Chinese mountaineering experience in HimalayaP44
Norris, LucyRotting ruins in the coconut groves: remainders of handloom in KeralaP22
Nugent, StephenTime lags: the slow march of archaeological revisionism in lowland AmazoniaP09
Nugent, StephenWaila: the music of the Tohono O'odhamP43
O'Connor, KaoriThe view from the beach: awakening Hiraeth and weaving imaginaries on the Gower in WalesP32
O'Connor, SueStone forts and shell middens: archaeological and anthropological investigations in East TimorP25
Okely, JudithThe anthropologist's lived/shared field presence brings unique grounded knowledge for all forms of engagement across space and timeP11
Olszewska, Zuzanna'We are distant lands': the anthropology of lyric poetry among Afghan refugees in IranP31
Opie, KitHomo erectus social structure: how did females provision their offspring?P20
Orlando, GiovanniExploring a site with ethical commodities: fairtrade and organic in PalermoP44
Palantzas, NikitasOrientalism Within: Stereotypical Categorizations and Perceptions of Eastern Turkey by the Citizens of IstanbulP44
Pálsson, GísliThe archaeology of personhood: genes, names and identitiesP10
Panagiotopoulos, AnastasiosBringing down Orula: objects that speak for themselvesP01
Paphitou, NicolettaRepresentations of 'Aphrodite' in the margins of Europe: mapping the ancient Goddess on the cultural map of CyprusP19
Parada, NataliaMuseum's images and symbolic violenceP36
Park, ChristianCompeting representations of the Diamond Mountains and national territory of KoreaP32
Passani, AntonellaSelf-representation and intercultural communication: empowerment through images?P36
Passos, JoaoBerimbau, body and play of Brazilian Capoeira´s performanceP04
Pásztor, EmiliaThe social and ideological significance of sky lore in prehistoric societiesP26
Pásztor, EmiliaCsonyik (an old traditional boat) is bornP43
Pásztor, EmiliaBe on the track of our ancestors 1-3P43
Peperaki, OlympiaBuilding, dwelling and 'associations that matter': reconsidering domestic space in the Early Bronze Age mainland GreeceP30
Perkins, ClareKeeping friends close, but enemies closer: theoretical and methodological negotiations of dominant invisibility within fieldwork at a city farmers' marketP11
Philcox, LiaRenata's FamilyP43
Philippou, NicosCoffee houses and tourism in Cyprus: a traditionalised experienceP44
Picard, DavidSalama Vazaha (Hello Stranger)P43
Pickard, CatrionaInvestigating the submerged prehistory of Europe: ethnographic methodsP27
Pierini, EmilyReligious hybridism: the process of glocalisation in the Vale do AmanhecerP28
Pike, AlistairScience and a bridge between Archaeology and AnthopologyPlen3
Pipyrou, Stavroula“Five Minutes with Madonna”. Distribution of Mafioso personhood through the digital recordings of the Tarantella danceP44
Pires, FláviaWhen the dead have fun: haunting in the Brazilian Northeast Semi-arid RegionP13
Poblete, DanielThe Aymara in the Tarapaca region: analysis of the Aymaras leaderships and of the construction of the contemporaean speeches on the leaders of political organisationsP36
Poller, TessaMateriality and meaning of blackhousesP32
Power, CamillaMenstruation: nature or culture?P20
Praet, IstvanThe archaeologist as man-eater. Chachi fears concerning ancient things (Esmeraldas, Ecuador)P14
Pruitt, TeraKnowledge production and local communities: socio-politics and alternative accounts of the pastP19
Quintana Morales, ErendiraThe huipil metaphor: authenticity as a tool in the international artisan craft market in ChiapasP06
Rahmeier, ClarissaThe phenomenological study of architectural spaces: an anthropological account of archaeological remainsP30
Ransley, JesseMoving beyond the 'scape' to being in the (watery) world, whereverP27
Rapport, NigelNietzsche's night-time: an anthropological detective storyP35
Reeves, KeirChallenges associated with interpreting gold rush archaeology for visitors: a case study of the Bendigo Chinese Heritage PrecinctP02
Regi, TamasThe 'white man' in the Mursi narrativesP44
Renshaw, LaylaThe role of human remains, portrait photographs and possessions of the dead in the scientific and 'affective identification' of Republican civilian victims from the Spanish Civil WarP13
Renshaw, LaylaThemes of death and survival in Spanish Republican memory: implications for the exhumation of bodies as an investigative paradigmP37
Restall Orr, EmmaDead persons: British animism and the experience of ancestral remainsP13
Reynolds, RodneyVamos a bailar la murga? la murga de Panamá....: Panamanian carnival and the changing nature of carnival know how and belongingP28
Richards, PaulSickle cell gene and the slave trade in West Africa - a new interpretation P16
Richardson, KathleenPartial artefacts: imitation and performance in MIT robotics labsP12
Roberts, DanielPresenting the Past: Village Historicity in Rural ChinaP44
Robinson, GarySomewhere beyond the sea: modelling contact across the Irish Sea in the late Mesolithic and early NeolithicP27
Robinson, GaryPlaces and practices on the prehistoric Scillonian seacapeP27
Rodgers, MompolokiThe study of domestic spaces in contemporary Botswana: inter-disciplinary experiences of teaching and learning P30
Rostas, SusannaConstraint, the concha and the Concheros' danceP04
Roth-Murray, CarrieGifts of war and death: the elephants of Pyrrhus at CapenaP15
Rowlands, MichaelCivilisations as contrasting cosmocracies: West Africa and China comparedP08
Ruiz-Ballesteros, Esteban'I come from those ruins...' The archaeological construction of the community in the 'Pueblo Manta' (Manabí, Ecuador)P22
Salazar, Noel B.Recycling 'old' anthropology and archaeology in 'new' tourismP02
Saumade, FrédéricThe 'fiesta del tumini'. The power of money and cattle within the traditional life of the Huichol Mexican IndiansP23
Sayer, DuncanAn archaeology of kinship, family and householdP05
Schlanger, NathanPacific connections: from civilisation to technology with André Leroi-GourhanP08
Schmitt, SusanneUnpacking the senses? Ethnophysiologies and experience at a Museum of Man in GermanyP44
Schofield, JohnSummer in ruins: An archaeological journey, May 2004P19
Seone, MalebogoThe study of domestic spaces in contemporary Botswana: inter-disciplinary experiences of teaching and learning P30
Sherman, RinaParis of my exilesP43
Shryock, AndrewBreaking hospitality apart: what bad hosts and bad guests tell us about sovereigntyP34
Sikora, SławomirMaking it interesting... On mediatization of wedding ritualsP43
Sillitoe, PaulThe anthropological imagination and British Iron Age societyP25
Simonetti, CristiánDrawing gestures: body movement in perceiving and communicating the underwater landscapeP27
Sims, LionelEntering, and returning from, the underworld: ethnographically reconstituting Silbury Hill by combining a quantified landscape phenomenology with archaeoastronomyP20
Skinner, JonathanExpress you'self: social dance as self expressionP35
Smith, KatherineEthnic absolutism and the re-working of charged 'symbols' in a North Manchester townP16
Soar, KathrynCircular dance performances in the prehistoric AegeanP04
Söffner, JanWhy bother about Plato, when discussing Mimesis?P12
Souvatzi, StellaKinship as process in archaeology: examples from Neolithic GreeceP05
Spikins, PennyDoes the world not move to the beat of just one drum? Autism, different minds and the emergence of modern human behaviourP16
Steele, JamesOn the interpretation of cultural and linguistic phylogeniesP16
Stout, DietrichMulti-level structure in human evolutionP10
Stump, DarylThe archaeology and anthropology of conservation in Pare, TanzaniaP09
Sulzer, AlessandraIdentity and the past: ancient Saguntum in the local imaginationP18
Swan, EileadhThe beast that killed the chief: remembering the past and affirming the future through imitationP12
Swift, PhilipDivinity and experiment: conversion in a Japanese jam jarP01
Tappe, OliverLandscapes of memory in Laos - between trauma, heroism and entertainmentP22
Tassi, NicoMaterial abundance as a spiritual principle: insights on a cholo cosmologyP01
Tehrani, JamieOn the coevolution of cognition and cultureP16
Tejsner, PelleBetween land and sea: Kalaallit Inuit subsistence harvest on coastal sea ice in West GreenlandP27
TenWolde, ChristopherHuman spaces - the built environment as a social landscapeP30
Theodossopoulos, DimitriosInauthenticity as cultural creativity unleashedPlen2
Thomas, JulianArchaeology, anthropology and material thingsPlen3
Tierney, AndrewConstructing kinship: social and familial identities in the built environment of Gaelic Ireland 1400-1650P05
Tovey, Ana Standing PlaceP43
Trapido, JosephThe potlatch in Kinshasa: dispersal of material goods, sounds and dances in KinshasaP01
Uomini, NatalieThe evolution of complexity in lithic production and useP10
Vale, AnaDwelling spaces. Some remarks on the prehistoric architecture of the 3rd Millennium BC in the Iberian PeninsulaP30
van Dienderen, AnPatrasche a dog of Flanders - made in JapanP43
Vander Beken, NoachThe normative order of space: the palatial settings as theatres for a sacred language and social production and reproduction.P29
Varela, SergioThe Berimbau: ritual agency of a musical instrument in Afro-Brazilian capoeiraP01
Vasile, Liliana EleonoraTuesday, the day of the creation of the Earth, evil spirit and Holy SaintP28
Vella, StevenVisual methods, environmental impact assessments and public involvement: a proposalP11
Ventura Oller, MontserratIs the past another time? Ancient objects in Tsachila cosmologyP14
Vergunst, JoSeeing ruins: imagined and visible landscapes in north east ScotlandP32
Virtanen, Pirjo KristiinaPalm trees in Amazonian history and thinkingP14
Vladimirova, Vladislava'Sharing in the life of Sami reindeer herders': how the ethnographically created image of Sami reindeer herding becomes a tourist attraction in the Russian NorthP02
Vohnsen, Nina HolmThoughts at rest - the fixation of Multiple Chemical SensitivityP35
Volckaert, DidierPatrasche a dog of Flanders - made in JapanP43
von Hellermann, PaulineThe archaeology and anthropology of conservation in Pare, TanzaniaP09
Waldren, JacquelineHow long ago is 'the past'? Local perceptions of prehistoric monuments in MallorcaP19
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