Authors and Papers

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Abram, Simone'Policy Societies': policy, property, and owned persons. P03
Abram, SimoneIntroducing Performing NatureP07
Acciaioli, GregoryAppropriating Spiritual Guardianship in the Periphery: Bugis Migrants' Reconceptualisation of Lindu Locality (Central Sulawesi, Indonesia)P45
Alexander, JenniferBoarding school and the appropriation of childhood? Longhouse children in Sarawak, East MalaysiaP05
Alexeyeff, KalissaLocal Entitlements: Pacific Islands Migrant Youth in AustraliaP32
Allen, HarryInnovation in Arnhem Land: Archaeology and Donald Thomson's collection of spears and spearthrowers from northern AustraliaP04
Altman, JonDemand sharing and unsolicited giving: Addressing an apparent paradox with recent data from Arnhem land, north AustraliaP04
Andrews, RobynMaking their Home in Australia: St Joseph's Anglo-Indian Rest Home P32
Arora, Daljeet SinghOwnership and Marginalisation in a Punjab VillageP50
Ashford, BarbaraMaking a Mark: value creation in an Aboriginal art dealership P22
Austin-Broos, DianePeterson's Impartye: A short AppreciationP04
Babidge, SallyContemporary socialities and historical perspectives on differentiation and affiliation among Aboriginal familiesP16
Badstuebner, JenniferThe Witches Have Surveillance CamerasP37
Baer, HansThe role of the motor vehicle-oil-military complex in generating war and global warming: a political ecological perspectiveP09
Bailey, Rochelle-leeProducing the Appropriated Rural: ni-Vanuatu Labour on Central Otago VineyardsP18
Bainton, NickUrban dreams, village realities and corporate funding in Lihir, Papua New GuineaP41
Baker, JadeCoding memory: Whose culture does it serve, anyway?P42
Bambridge, TamatoaRahui in oriental polynesia, an ethno historic perspectiveP43
Barber, Marcus"Nothing ever changes": historical ecology and environmental memory in Arnhem Land, Australia.P04
Barnes, JillThe touristic packaging of Sydney 'Dreamings' at the expense of local Aboriginal custodial knowledgeP23
Bauman, ToniMediation, peacebuilding and the intercultural: native title and Aboriginal AustraliaP49
Beckett, JeremyThe Torres Strait pearling industry: sheltered workshop or cultural hothouse?P27
Bedford, IanAppropriation and acculturation: the theft of 'Islamic' identity by the state in PakistanP24
Benson, Michaela'We're not expats; we are not migrants; we are Sauliaçoise': laying claim to belonging in rural FranceP32
Bexley, AngieThe Rasa of Belonging: Youth and Post Colonial Timor LesteP13
Blake, BronwenAnalysis of opinions and experiences of Australians involved in disaster response overseas to enhance effectiveness of humanitarian assistanceP44
Boenisch-Brednich, BrigitteIntroductionP32
Bolton, MaggieTo have and to hold: the appropriation of women's llama-herding expertiseP35
Bovensiepen, JudithLandscapes of life and death P11
Bozic-Vrbancic, Senka'Strong European Emotions': European citizenship and visual pleasureP13
Brichet, NathaliaWho owns a common past? Reflections on a collaborative cultural heritage projectP15
Bright, AngelIdentity and Indigeneity in Urban PerformanceP34
Bulloch, HannahOwing and disowning aid: Projects, partnerships and patronage on Siquijor Island, PhilippinesP10
Bunten, AlexisMore Like Ourselves: Ethics, Representation and Commerce in Indigenous TourismP23
Burke, RachaelHokkaido preschools: appropriating the distant other, ignoring their own?P05
Burmeister, LauraIndigenous Education and Citizenship: Ethnographically Investigating State AppropriationsP04
Burton, JohnResource conflict and the control of anthropological advice at the Porgera gold mine, Papua New GuineaP16
Busse, MarkCosmopolitanism, Ownership and the Appropriation of Papua New Guinea's Cultural PropertyP42
Butterworth, DavidDisowning Creative Authority in the Production of Syncretic Cosmogonic Myths in Sikka, Eastern IndonesiaP45
Caillon, SophieLand and plants appropriation during migration. A case-study in VanuatuP32
Carnegie, ElizabethMuseum mediated memories and the urban working classP28
Carty, JohnThe Demand-Share Market: Indigenous economies and Aboriginal artP04
Cave, JennyEmbedded enterprise: Issues surrounding cultural tourism development for diasporan Pacific culturesP23
Clark, EmilyDrawing on anatomiesP01
Claudio, FernandaAnalysis of opinions and experiences of Australians involved in disaster response overseas to enhance effectiveness of humanitarian assistanceP44
Clisby, SuzanneThe ownership and control of 'Gender Mainstreaming': feminist transformation or neo-colonial appropriation?P35
Connor, LindaDigging in: Disappearing villages in coal-affected communities in the Hunter ValleyP18
Cook, JoannaAppropriating modernity: beauty pageants and spectacle in a Thai Buddhist monasteryP14
Coombe, RosemaryThe legal geographies of cultural rights: community subjects and their traditionsPlen3
Courtney, SheleyahPlundering the Golden Temple: From Princes to Paupers in Post Nation-State Varanasi P24
Cowling, WendyChristening 'drama' in two Pacific island communitiesP33
Cowlishaw, GillianCulture as Therapy: Improving Aboriginal Children in Western SydneyP05
Curran, GeorgiaSome recent changes in the organisation of a Warlpiri initiation ceremonyP04
Curry, GeorgeForty Years on… Migrant Lives in West New BritainP41
da Rimini, FrancescaCreative derivatives within bare marketsP37
Damon, FrederickThe De-valuing of Circulation and Contradictions in the Rise of Property on Woodlark Island, formerly Muyuw, Milne Bay Provence, Papua New GuineaP33
Davies, SharynAppropriating the Feminine: A Queer Muslim Fashion ParadeP14
Dawkins, ZoeDigital dreaming: The practice of digital storytelling with Indigenous youthP51
Dawson, AndrewNeo-Lockeian post-war reconstruction and transnational aesthetic interventionP29
De Wet, ChristopherRedeveloping the Value of Land: a South African Case Study of How Land Reform Changes Local Valuations of LandP11
Degnen, Cathrine'Knowing', being and self in post-industrial South YorkshireP28
Demelius, YokoOwnership and Appropriation in Dance Creation: A Process of Trial and Error and Collaborative MindsP38
Demian, MelissaMaking custom and discovering law in Papua New Guinea high courtsP08
Donovan, ElaineThe plight of Malawian orphans: A need for expert appropriations of childhood?P05
Doron, AssaToilets, Temples and Holymen: the politics of place in Banaras, India P24
Douny, LaurenceThe commodification of Dogon culture: recycling, emulating, faking and displaying material identities.P23
Downey, GregThe Australian 'skills shortage' and apprenticeship in rural tradesP02
Dragojlovic, AnaBalinese Aesthetics in Postcolonial Netherlands P29
Dundon, AlisonJumping fish. rice and sago: the language of ecological risk and appropriation in rural Papua New GuineaP39
Dureau, ChristineEmbodying Underdevelopment: Phenotype, Cosmopolitan Aspirations and Underdevelopment on Simbo, Western Solomon IslandsP13
Dureau, ChristineRelationships of belonging and foreignness on Vella Lavella, Western Solomon IslandsP22
Dwyer, PeterAppropriating Fish, Appropriating Fishermen: Tradable Permits, Natural Resources and Existential UncertaintyP39
Edwards, JeanetteAncestors, class and contingency P28
Eickelkamp, UteTraditions of Childhood and Normativity in Australia's Western DesertP05
Ellis, NgarinoHe tikanga hurihuri: Maori communities and their churches 1830-1860P06
Endicott, KirkTourists and the Batek of Peninsular Malaysia: Who's Exploiting Whom?P23
Erin, TaylorConstructing House and Home: Residency, Locality, and Social Mobility in Santo Domingo's BarriosP32
Evans, GillianCultural Politics and the White Working Classes in BritainP28
Everett, KristinaBaptism of FireP06
Fabinyi, MichaelResponses to heightened ecological risk among fishers in the PhilippinesP39
Farrelly, TrisiaOwning Community-Based Ecotourism Development: Business Va’avanua P50
Fernandes, FilipaThe water is ours. Local conflicts on ownership and appropriation of irrigation waterP36
Filer, ColinThe Double Movement of Property Rights and Rental Regimes in Papua New GuineaP11
Finlayson, JulieAnthropology and the state: what kind of handmaiden?P19
Fitzgerald, RuthTeaching tutors to teach social anthropology: an Otago learning experienceP51
Flikke, RuneTree of life—tree of death: Eucalyptus in a changing South African landscapeP07
Foley, DennisThe touristic packaging of Sydney 'Dreamings' at the expense of local Aboriginal custodial knowledgeP23
Ford, AsherMaking and Avoiding Trouble: Kinship and the Management of Conflict P16
Forsey, MartinWho Owns Government Schools? An Ethnographic Study P03
Fortune, GabrielleDistilling the Anzac Spirit: the merchandizing and consumption in New Zealand of war images P15
Fox, JamesThe Appropriation of Biblical Knowledge in Traditional Ritual Format among the Rotenese of Eastern IndonesiaP45
Francis, StevePlaying the Advocacy Game: New Settlers and the Ethno-Politics of Successful Community AdvocacyP21
Francis, SteveLocal Entitlements: Pacific Islands Migrant Youth in AustraliaP32
Franklin, AdrianIntroducing Performing NatureP07
Franklin, AdrianAn improper nature: introduced animals and 'species cleansing' in AustraliaP07
Fuary, MaureenArtefacts, Artefacts, collectors and the definition of a 'region' in the tropics of North Queensland P06
Fuchs, MartinIconic Dharavi: Slum as contested spaceP24
Fumanti, Mattia"Being in the world": Ontology, Aesthetics and the construction of Diaspora Subjectivities among Ghanaian migrants in London P29
Gabriel, MilleThe appropriation of Inuit heritage - past and present perspectivesP42
Gallinat, AnselmaStructures of controlling the uncontrollable? An ethnography of a newspaper editorial officeP19
Garner, AndrewWhen power looks weak: acts of appropriation inside governmentP19
Gebreselassie, AbebaAppropriation of plant related knowledge under the EPC – an illustration with a European patent on the processing of Teff flourP26
Ghasarian, ChristianProtection of Natural Resources through a Sacred Prohibition: The Rahui in RapaP43
Gibeault, DavidTransmission as a valueP11
Gibson, LorenaProjects of Hope: Women Organising for Grassroots Community Development in Kolkata (India) and Lae (Papua New Guinea)P22
Gibson, Lorraine'Who you is? Work and Identity in Aboriginal NSW'P27
Gilbertson, Amanda'Indian hot or Kiwi hot?': Appropriating the local in constructions of Kiwi Indian identitiesP32
Glaskin, KatieDreaming in thread: from ritual to art and property(s) betweenP33
Gledhill, JohnThe contradictory nature and outcomes of stakeholder models of urban policy ownership in Salvador, BahiaP03
Godden, LeeConflicts in Ownership and Appropriation over Communal Land and ResourcesP11
Goldsmith, MichaelDisowning Cultures, Disentangling NaturesP08
Gonzalez-Casanovas, RobertoRevisiting the Jesuit reductions in terms of their indigenous communities: missionary utopias and colonial settlements in frontier Brazil 1550-1750P44
Goodman, JamesDisordered social movements: info-technologies, public emotions and the network swarm P37
Graburn, NelsonExperiments in Inuit Tourism: the Eastern Canadian ArcticP23
Green, CarinaThe Two-Way Appropriation of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge in Conservation Policies: the World Heritage sites of Tongariro in New Zealand and Laponia in Sweden P03
Gregoric Bon, NatasaNegotiating the "local" in Dhërmi/Drimades of Southern AlbaniaP32
Gross, ClaudiaSelves and Intersubjectivity: Relationality in Psychoanalysis and Strathern's theory of socialityP17
Hafner, DianePictures of the Old People: Lamalama participation in technologies of memoryP15
Hage, GhassanAppropriating the Self: The Experience of Self-SovereigntyP49
Harding, NinaAppropriating Rurality for Military Subjectivities: New Zealand Servicemen in the 1991 Persian Gulf WarP18
Harple, ToddArtisan Industrialists: Learning from and Informing Ethnographic PraxisP02
Haukelid, KnutHunters on Strike - Facts, ethics and aesthetics in reindeer hunting and managementP07
Haynes, ChrisRealities, simulacra, and the appropriation of Aboriginality in Kakadu’s tourismP27
Heil, DanielaMediating Indigenous knowledges with bureaucratic imperatives: Constituting Australian Indigenous health policyP03
Hemer, SusanWork, Kinship and Material Goods: Pursuing the Good Life in Londolovit Township, LihirP41
Henry, RositaArtefacts, Artefacts, collectors and the definition of a 'region' in the tropics of North Queensland P06
Henry, RositaRisky Places: Climate Change Discourse and the Transformation of Place P39
Herriman, NicholasOwning religion in Banyuwangi: NU Islam and Beatty’s <em>Varieties of Javanese Religion</em>P45
Hess, SabineDividual Places on Vanua Lava, Vanuatu P17
Hess, SabineLand and plants appropriation during migration. A case-study in VanuatuP32
Hill, RichardAppropriation, Reappropriation and the Maori Struggle for Rangatiratanga/Autonomy 1945-1960s.P34
Hinkson, MelindaTaking Time: Exploring the Interplay Between Image and Identity P01
Hita, Maria GabrielaOwnership, Appropriation and the Reproduction Cycle of Afro-descendent Houses in Salvador, BahiaP47
Hobbs, ErinContesting nature, contesting identities: claiming ownership of a wilderness areaP07
Holcombe, SarahAboriginal Entrepreneurialism in the context of land use (mining) agreementsP27
Horan, JaneTivaivai and the Rematerialising of 'Value': Colonialism, Social Change and The Contemporary Ceremonial EconomyP06
Howland, PeterGifting the Self: the metro-rural idyll and ideal reflexive individualityP18
Hulme, AlisonPlasticization and its Discontents: The Alchemy of Waste in the Construction of China's Capitalist-Communist Identity.P46
Hunter, CynthiaNarratives of (mis)appropriation, a paediatric hospital and the cultural logic of the child protection unitP05
Huntsman, JudithWho controls the work?: Appropriation and restoration the Tokelau village work forceP19
Ikuta, HirokoThe values of traditional dances in Kamchatka and AlaskaP33
Johnson, MarkTheorizing the Aesthetics of Diaspora: towards a translocal field of distinction?P29
Josephides, LisetteRecontextualizing anthropological knowledgeP17
Kaul, AdamThe village that wasn't there: the narrative appropriation of a tourist destinationP38
Kaur, RaminderA nuclear blot on the horizon: contestations of land and sea between the nuclear state and local fishing communities in Tamil NaduP20
Keen, DonnaHigh country hospitalityP25
Keen, IanConflicts over property at King George SoundP27
Keller, ChristianeFrom baskets to full bodies: Agency among Aboriginal fibre artists in AustraliaP02
Khin Mar Mar Kyi, MaPollution, politics, hpon & panty power in today’s Burma/ MyanmarP49
Kim, Dong JuAmbivalent middlemen: representations of the countryside among agricultural experts in western PolandP18
King, AlexanderThe values of traditional dances in Kamchatka and AlaskaP33
King, Tanya"It's only a game, so if you don't like it just leave!": Discourses on 'rape' in Second Life and the appropriation of public leisure cyber-spaceP44
Kittel, Sabine"I was instructed not to talk about [those things], but I was never forbidden to do". Relativising the GDR stateP15
Knudsen, MagneAppropriation of coastal space and community formation on a Philippine IslandP11
Koczberski, GinaForty Years on… Migrant Lives in West New BritainP41
Kohn, TamaraAppropriating Authentic Practice: Competing Discourses of 'being there', 'having been there' and 'virtually being there'P38
König, Anika"Sakit Hati": Emotion, the Senses, and Cannibalism in Discourses on Ethnic Violence in West Kalimantan, IndonesiaP13
Kops, JessicaBuilding a "Taj Mahal" in Peppermint Grove: contesting notions of belonging in an upper-class suburbP31
Kosaka, YoshinoriTabu Shell Money as Cultural Property for the Government: conversion and appropriation through shell money bankP22
Krose, SarahRelationships of belonging and foreignness on Vella Lavella, Western Solomon IslandsP22
Kubota, SachikoJapanese Anthropology and Nicolas PetersonP04
Kunin, SethThe Use of Memory as a source of Identity and Authenticity in Crypto-Jewish CultureP15
Lau, Sin WenShifting Spaces: An Ethnographic Account of a House Church in Shanghai, ChinaP45
Lavau, StephanieThe nature of belonging: The making of an authentic Australian riverP07
Laviolette, PatrickBoard of Pollution: The new search for the perfect waveP39
Lea, TessOn the ownership of policy about property treated as property with properties; or, how Indigenous housing guidelines became contraband propertyP03
Lea, VanessaThe intangible wealth of partible personsP17
Leach, JamesIntroduction- circulation and vitalityP33
Leal, Pedro GermanoThe Appropriation of the ImproperP14
Levine, HalCulture and Property in the Waitangi TribunalP26
Liebelt, ClaudiaAppropriating the Black Part of the White City: Filipinos' Making of Home in Tel AvivP29
Lien, Marianne ElisabethIntroducing Performing NatureP07
Lien, Marianne ElisabethThe nature of salmon and the image of the wild: Performing nature in Norwegian salmon aquacultureP07
Lilley, RozannaThe ABC of Autism: Parents and Pedagogy in AustraliaP05
Linkenbach, Antje"Compensation" and "Self-determination": A Contradiction?P26
Lloyd, ChristopherThe Emergence of Australian Settler Capitalism in the 19th Century and the Disintegration/Integration of Aboriginal Societies: Hybridization and Local Evolution Within the World MarketP27
Long, NickOn having achieved appropriation: the anak berprestasi of Kepulauan Riau, IndonesiaP14
Lora-Wainwright, AnnaThe 'good life' at work: 'energy' and 'skills' as competing parameters of wellbeing in contemporary ChinaP41
Low, SethaShoestring Democracy: Private Governance in Coops and Gated Communities in New York CityP47
Luca, Gabriela-MarianaFrom land to book and finally to money, a history of the sense of property of the Romanians in the XXIst centuryP44
Luke, TimothyActualized Affinities: The Nation's Memory as Accumulating Artifacts and Appropriating Aesthetics from the Times of ReconstructionP31
Macdonald, GaynorEcological, cultural and social flows: relations to country in the RiverineP04
Macdonald, JudithThe land Was Smashed: Who Will Fix it?P39
Macdonald, JulieCelebrants and changing rites of passage: what changes and what stays the same?P22
Macintyre, MarthaIdeal Homes and Dashed Hopes on Misima 1985-2006.P41
Macknight, VickiWhen Children's Drawings Hail Theories: Enfolding Multiple Accounts as Ethical AnthropologyP05
MacRae, GraemeCarbon cultures, CDM projects & travelling packagesP09
Makovicky, NicoletteChoreography of the Hands: Keeping and transmitting knowledge amongst lace makers in Central SlovakiaP02
Marshall, JonathanCustoms of customs: social production of disorder through orderP37
Mason, NgahirakaWrong is an addictive, repetitive story; right is where the movement is.P42
Mathur, NayanikaGuaranteeing Employment to Rural IndiaP03
Matthews, AmieBringing the world home: understanding young backpackers' adaptations and appropriations of 'local' knowledges, spiritualities and world viewsP22
McAllister, PatrickWaitangi Day, Okains Bay: Contest and Co-operation in the Celebration of New Zealand's National Day."P38
McAra, SallyConcrete effects: the expected and unexpected agency of religious architectureP06
McBain, KristinRural Health - on whose terms?P18
McCarthy, DianaThe "narcissism of minor differences": the appropriation of the other's difference by native title claimant groups in indigenous Australia.P04
McComsey, Tiffany'Our submissions come from the heart': Becoming Inc. without compromising who you areP21
McConvell, PatrickWhen is a cousin a mother? Skewing strategies and skewed systemsP16
McCormack, FionaIndigenous claims and shifting patterns of ownership: Maori appropriation of the Foreshore and SeabedP20
McPherson, EllaStealing from the Victims: State, NGO, and Media Negotiations over Human Rights Coverage in MexicoP10
McWilliam, AndrewAnthropology, Resource development and the appropriation of knowledgeP10
McWilliam, AndrewAppropriation, obligation and exchange in East Timor. P46
Merlan, FrancescaBeyond Appearances: Organicism and Mysticism in South German RuralityP18
Metge, JoanWords Escape UsP42
Meurk, CarlaFeral pig hunting and feral pig management in the wet tropics of north QueenslandP18
Mewett, PeterVoices from the margins? Women at the footyP38
Minnegal, MonicaAppropriating Fish, Appropriating Fishermen: Tradable Permits, Natural Resources and Existential UncertaintyP39
Mishra, SwatiProject Title: Changing Culture and Gendered Identities: A Study among Female Employees at work in Call Centres in BangaloreP22
Mollona, MassimilianoFOR SALE: housing market, labour market and community relations in Endcliffe, SheffieldP28
Mönter, SvenDr. Augustin Krämer's Die Samoa Inseln, a critical history on an oceanic-ethnological classicP44
Mookherjee, Nayanika'Never Again': 'Genocidal' Cosmopolitanism, Affective Citizenship and the Bangladesh Liberation War MuseumP31
Moore, MarcusPseudo-anthropology, fetish, fake and ready-madeP01
Morgan, OwenLet's Abandon Intellectual Property RightsP26
Morphy, FrancesConstructing visible difference: towards an anthropological demography of Indigenous Australian populationsP04
Morphy, HowardFormed and forming — the articulations of Yolngu art in its contextsPlen2
Morris, CarolynProducing the Appropriated Rural: ni-Vanuatu Labour on Central Otago VineyardsP18
Morton, JohnWomen, Fire and 'Fiends Escaped from Hades': Revisiting Central Australian 'Fire Ceremonies'P04
Mosko, MarkThe sacredness of the gift: Personal partibility and sacrifice in Melanesian ChristianityP17
Moutu, AndrewThe apologetics of an apology and an apologiaP17
Muir, KadoThe Aboriginal Heritage Industry:Ka-Boom or Busted!P27
Muir, StewartAlternative Values: The meaning of land in Australian alternative spiritualitiesP11
Murphy, KevinDomestic moral economies of the borderlands: an analysis of transformations in the social relationships between Torres Strait Islanders and Papua New GuineansP04
Muru-Lanning, MaramaCreating 'Un-natural' Groupings to Appropriate an AncestorP36
Newton, JaniceRethinking appropriation of the indigenous: A Romanticist approach to cultural imperialism within neo-Pagan communitiesP42
Nichol, RaymondOwnership of knowledge: issues affecting indigenous education and pedagogy in Australia and MelanesiaP51
Nielsen, Gritt B.Explorations of policy as text and context; or, what the notion of 'ownership' tends to silenceP03
Nilsson Dahlstrom, AsaThe Two-Way Appropriation of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge in Conservation Policies: the World Heritage sites of Tongariro in New Zealand and Laponia in Sweden P03
Nustad, Knut GAppropriations of nature and land in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South AfricaP07
O'Connor, TonyGoverning the senses: how New Zealand's biculturalism works through the practice of a Māori healing traditionP13
O'Kane, MichaelLeaving the farmP11
Oliver, JamesReturn of 'The Native': Imagining and Reimagining Identity as Iterative Appropriation of Culture and SpaceP49
Palmer, LisaEnlivening development: Water management in the post-conflict city of Baucau, Timor Leste P36
Pam, ChristineRisky Places: Climate Change Discourse and the Transformation of Place P39
Park, JulieLocal and global citizenship in the haemophilia community in NZP13
Pattenden, CatherineLiving side-by-side: discourses on the meaning of space and belonging for fly-in-fly-out and residential workers in a remote mining town in AustraliaP41
Patterson, MaryKinship Matters in VanuatuP16
Peace, AdrianBarossa Dreaming: Food, Festivals and Fetishism in Rural AustraliaP18
Peano, IreneMisappropriations of aid: the case of Italian-NIgerian anti-trafficking projectsP10
Petersen, GregersFree Software and a vitality of circulationP33
Petray, TheresaPerforming memory and transforming history in Australian Aboriginal activismP15
Petrie, HazelSatisfaction in a horse: The assimilation of an exotic animal into Māori customary usageP46
Pigliasco, Guido Carlo"Like a Second Skin": A Step Towards a Sui Generis Protection of Intangible Cultural Property in FijiP26
Pinches, MichaelResidence, intimacy and resilience: urban poor housing and kinship in Tatalon 1953-2007P47
Pingol, AliciaProduction and reproduction of locality: shifting inhabited spaces of Filipino migrants and their familiesP29
Pinney, ChristopherEpistemo-patrimony: Speaking, and owning, in the Indian diaspora. P31
Pino-Ojeda, WalesckaReclaiming the past: re-appropriation and the ethos of memory in post-authoritarian Chilean cinema P31
Pipyrou, StavroulaSaints, Ancestors and Self-government among a Greek speaking community in South Italy.P22
Pires, Ema Claúdia RibeiroThe politics of emptiness: on space, agency, and appropriationP38
Poirier, SylvieCitizenship and Aboriginal differences: discrepancies between the sovereign and the relational self. P04
Portisch, AnnaConcepts of ownership and originality in Kazakh craftsP02
Posocco, Silvia'Conjuring Up' Strathernograms Through PerformativityP17
Ram, Kalpana'Dancing off-stage: Nationalism and its 'Minor Practices' in Tamil Nadu, IndiaP31
Rapport, Nigel'Max' and 'Wardy': Masculine porters appropriating gentleness and solicitude in a Scottish hospitalP28
Rawlings, GregoryAppropriating the Corporation, Transforming Landscape and Escaping Taxes: The Global Real Estate Industry in VanuatuP21
Redmond, AnthonyThe "narcissism of minor differences": the appropriation of the other's difference by native title claimant groups in indigenous Australia.P04
Redmond, AnthonyChildren, sexuality and corporeal appropriation in Kimberley Aboriginal settlementsP05
Redmond, AnthonyThe appropriation of Aboriginal land and labour at Karunjie Station, north western AustraliaP27
Repic, JakaAppropriation of urban space and water supply in informal urban settlements of Papua New GuineaP36
Reuter, ThomasThe General and Regional Scope of Anthropological Research on Climate Change AdaptationP09
Reynolds, RebeccaContesting the value of land in rural KyrgyzstanP11
Rice, TomStethoscapes: the ethnographic ear and listening to anthropological knowledge.P51
Rimoldi, EleanorForce of circumstance: feminist discourse in a matrilineal societyP35
Riphagen, MarianneContested categories: conceptualizing an Australian Aboriginal photography in the early 21st centuryP22
Rivoal, IsabelleThe Shuf mountains as 'Junblatt's place'. Hospitality and the political construction of regional estates in LebanonP25
Robinson, KathrynAnthropology, Resource development and the appropriation of knowledgeP10
Robinson, PennyProvincial Pakeha women's practices in 'their place' - creating belongingP32
Robinson, SarahThe invisible hand of the State: Does anyone know who owns this policy?P03
Rodd, RobinSelling collective policy ownership: Bolivarian propaganda and Venezuelan media warsP03
Rodger, Dianne"You Thought We Wouldn't Notice" : Graffiti as Art Form, Vandalism, Campaign and Culture. P14
Roman, CamillaOn Peacocks, Eiffel Towers and Jacquard Machines: appropriating tradition and innovation in two Indian silk clustersP02
Rousseau, BenedictaPrayers and performance indicators: efficacy and hierarchy in Vanuatu provincial governmentP21
Rudiak-Gould, PeterDisempowerment and climate change inaction in the Marshall IslandsP09
Rumsey, AlanReplication and transformation in a sung narrative genre of Highland Papua New Guinea P08
Rutter-Jensen, ChloeMissAppropriate: Queering the Queens in Colombia.P14
Saethre, EirikDemand sharing, nutrition, and Warlpiri health: the social and economic strategies of food choice P04
Saw, Yadana"The thinking woman's Legolas": appropriations of an online parodyP14
Schaefer, GabrieleExpectations for couple relationships among Maori and Pacific peoples living in New Zealand.P35
Schneider, AlmutMediating relations - making land work P11
Schneider, ArndFieldworks: Ethnographic Practices of Appropriation in Art and AnthropologyP01
Schneider, KatharinaShifting relational possibilities by making culture a resource for peace: some observations from BougainvilleP33
Schubert-McArthur, TanjaBiculturalism in practice: a case study of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa TongarewaP22
Schuler Zea, EvelynExceeding appropriation: meanders in the field of Waiwai translationsP33
Schwarz, CarolynChristianity, Personhood, and the Domestic Moral Economy at Galiwin'ku (Northern Territory) P04
Scott, KathrynDown the drain: control and ownership of the 'problem' of storm water P36
Sedgwick, Mitchell W'Cutting the Network': Mobilisations of ethnicity/appropriations of power in multinational corporations P17
Selim, Lala RukhOwnership and Appropriation of Artifacts: A Case Study of Recent Events in BangladeshP31
Shaw, KatieIs it appropriation or exploitation of sameness? Victimization among migrants and immigrants in Asia and the PacificP49
Shelton, EricPerforming the narrative self on New Zealand's sub-Antarctic islandsP07
Shenar, GabrieleBollywood: Transnational Dialogues and the aesthetics of diasporaP29
Shore, CrisWho owns state universities? Policy and appropriation in a New Zealand context P03
Simarmata, RikardoFailing State tenure arrangements for the Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan, IndonesiaP44
Singh, SarindaWho directs development? The contested interface of state authority and donor conditionality in LaosP10
Sissons, JeffreyThree Iconoclastic Episodes:Rematerialising Eastern PolynesiaP06
Skyring, FionaThe appropriation of Aboriginal land and labour at Karunjie Station, north western AustraliaP27
Smith, Catherine"We don't go to heaven via Jakarta": Trauma and destiny in post-conflict AcehP22
Smith, HuhanaThrowing Spears at http://www.spearchuckasart.comP42
Smith, KristenMedical Tourism in India: For richer or poorer?P44
Somogyi, ErikaA short cyber-ethnography of international gestational surrogates P22
Speirs, JenniferLost somewhere between Sweden and the UKP08
Spiller, ChellieHow Maori cultural tourism businesses create sustainable wealth: the five well-beings modelP23
Stanton, JohnPastel memories: the Carrolup collection and contemporary Nyungar identity in South-West Western AustraliaP06
Steinmuller, HansThe Value of Land and local State Formation in rural ChinaP11
Stewart, PeterOne year on, The Northern Territory InterventionP22
Strang, VeronicaFluid Forms: owning water in AustraliaP36
Strathern, MarilynSharing, stealing and borrowing simultaneously*Plen1
Strongman, Luke'The Dolphin and the sextant': Traditional knowledge and modernity in Polynesian navigationP44
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