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This page lists all the panels. Click on the titles to see the individual panel pages.

A1 Engaging ethnography in tourist research

A2 Hospitality, culture and society

A3 Researching tourism: reflexive practice and gender

B1 Tourism and politics in transitional societies

B2 Tourism: applied anthropological interventions

B3 Tourism, political economy and culture

B4 Large-scale tourism in small-scale societies

C1 Ways of seeing, ways of being: spectatorship and participation through tourism

C2 Roots tourism

C3 Tourism as social contest

C4 Travel memories/memories travel

D1 Lifestyle migration and residential tourism: new forms of mobility between tourism and migration

D2 Tourism and migration

D3 Glances on tourists' identities, North and South

D4 Towards a non-human anthropology of tourism

E1 The 'sex' of tourism?

E2 Culinary tourism and the anthropology of food

E3 Great expectations? Anticipation, imagination and expectation in the tourist

E4 The cultural politics of touristic fantasies: addressing the 'behind-the-scene' scene

F1 Focal points and talking points: objects of desire in tourism

F2 Maps and the materiality of movement

F3 Tourism, ethnography and the patrimonialisation of culture

F4 Modernising archaeological tourism: from image conflict to archaeological expressionism

G1 Everyday adventures in being: experiencing the city and landscape

G2 Tourism and landscape narratives

G3 Sacred landscapes, esoteric journeys: challenges of tourism, anthropology and spirituality in European and British contexts

G4 Tourism and landscapes of identity and selfhood

H1 Poster presentations

H2 Film/video presentations

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