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  • Citizenship, politics and power: From belonging to social exclusion, this stream explores citizenship configurations and the state in late liberalism.
  • Dwelling: Emplaced relationships, both mobile and sedentary, are investigated, from the moral dimensions of nomadism, to those of the home, marketplace and prison.
  • Ethnographic theory and practice: The moral complexity of fieldwork relationships are probed, from the awkward to the amorous, along with relationality and historical dynamism in regional ethnographic practice.
  • Immoralities: From the uncivil to the genocidal, bodies and relations as sites of violence and symbols of moral collapse are explored.
  • Landscapes, resources and value: This stream pursues the moral underpinnings of land and resource management policy and practice, from conservation, mining and food systems, to Indigenous heritage.
  • Medical horizons: Health and illness are considered through morality’s prism, where exploitation, uncertainty and suffering, meet care and agency, within models of healing spanning the magical to biomedical.
  • Postgraduate Showcase: Cutting edge engagements with moralities across diverse horizons.
  • Religiosities: An engagement with the intersections of religion, spirituality and ethics within migration trajectories, through experiences of wonder, and among religious communities, from Millenarians to Muslims.
  • Social hierarchies: Across the life-course, and in public and private spheres, researchers elucidate the ways in which age, class and gender are constructed, performed and intersect in moments of intimacy and conflict.
  • Temporalities: This stream considers orientations to past, present and future, from trajectories of progress, degeneration and aging, to extraordinary moments, including the technological, the sustainable and the embodied.
  • Film Programme: AAS2015 Film Programme
  • Creative practice: The art and sensibility of being ethnographic: moral responsibility and future orientations.