Anthropology, Weather & Climate Change


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27 May, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
10:00British Museum - BP Lecture TheatrePlenary1Opening and Plenaryemail
11:30Senate House - Holden RoomP03Climate Change and the Future: Exploring the 'Social Time' of Transformation through Scenario-based Practiceemail
11:30Senate House - Montague RoomP04In and out of the weather: Resonance, discord and transformation in our weathered worldsemail
11:30Senate House - Woburn RoomP05Health and climate change: Connecting sectors and interventionsemail
11:30British Museum - Sackler BP06Interdisciplinary dialogues or monologues across the scientific worlds of climate
11:30Senate House - Bedford RoomP07The Ecological Footprint of Literacyemail
11:30Senate House - Torrington RoomP08"The Oldest Human Heritage": Biodiversity and Cultural Heritageemail
11:30Senate House - G21AP14The governance and politics of climate change adaptation and mitigation in Africaemail
11:30Senate House - Athlone RoomP26Extreme weather history: case studies from the UK and beyondemail
11:30Senate House - Court RoomP27Climate change as 'end of the world': mythological cosmogonies and imaginaries of changeemail
11:30British Museum - BP Lecture TheatreP32Visualizing Climate - Changing Futures?email
11:30British Museum - StudioP39Climate change, green economy and the cosmo-politics of Mesoamerica (and its surroundings)email
11:30British Museum - Sackler AP46Past weather, past climate - archaeology as Environmental Humanityemail
14:00British Museum - StudioP01How can observing swallows help us adapt to climate change? Biodiversity perceptions as drivers of local understanding of environmental changesemail
14:00Senate House - Holden RoomP41Traditional knowledge, infrastructure and climate changeemail
14:00Senate House - Bedford RoomP48The Generation of Climate Knowledgeemail
14:00Senate House - G21AP50Reproducing the Environment: Climate Change, Gender, and Future Generationsemail
16:00Senate House - G21AFilm1Indigenous people behind the camera: Valuing local knowledge and building resilience, horizontal linkages and global voicesemail
16:00British Museum - Sackler BP34Forensic Anthropology and Human Identification in Relation to Natural Disastersemail
16:00Senate House - Athlone RoomP51Weather Knowledge and Community Case Studiesemail
16:00Senate House - Montague RoomP52Climate Change, History and the Urban Environmentemail
17:45British Museum - BP Lecture TheatreKeynoteThe Cultural Functions of Climateemail

28 May, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00British Museum - StudioP02Weathering Time Itself: multiple temporalities and the human scale of climate changeemail
09:00Senate House - Bedford RoomP11Now you see it, now you don't? Presence and absence of the climate crisis through ethnographyemail
09:00Senate House - Court RoomP12Inequality and Climate Justice in an Overheated Worldemail
09:00British Museum - Sackler AP23Climate change and the evolution of technology and palaeobiology in Homo from ~1.5 million years agoemail
09:00Senate House - G21AP25Religion, Morality and the Science of Climate Changeemail
09:00Senate House - Torrington RoomP31Indigenous populations-vegetation-climate relationship in the past: what can this teach us about sustainable vegetation use in the present?email
09:00Senate House - Athlone RoomP35Cultures and risk: understanding institutional and people's behaviour and practices in relation to climate risksemail
09:00Senate House - Montague RoomP40Climate Change and Economic Sustainability - The Case of Robusta and Arabica Coffeeemail
09:00Senate House - Holden RoomP47Anthropological perspectives on the Alpine region - Local interpretations of current climate issues and the relationship between land, people and wateremail
09:00Senate House - Woburn RoomP49Ecology of relations in a changing climateemail
11:00Senate House - Holden RoomP17Northern Futures? Climate, Geopolitics, and Local Realitiesemail
11:00British Museum - Anthropology LibraryP22Disciplinary dalliances and disciplinary transformations in an age of climate chaosemail
11:00Senate House - Montague RoomP28The "One Health" approach to understanding climate change and infectious disease - is it enough?email
13:00British Museum - BP Lecture TheatrePlenary2Next Steps beyond 'Changing the Atmosphere': Strategies for Action on the AAA Statement on Humanity and Climate Changeemail
14:30British Museum - StudioP09Knowing the atmosphere: exploring conceptual and practical dimensions of weather and climate knowledge for environmental decision-makingemail
14:30British Museum - Anthropology LibraryP15Life in atmospheric worlds: everyday knowledge and perception of weatheremail
14:30Senate House - Court RoomP16Himalayan Climate Changeemail
14:30Senate House - G21AP19Agriculture and Climate Changeemail
14:30Senate House - Montague RoomP21What can the anthropology of climate change learn from research into other forms of environmental change?email
14:30British Museum - Sackler AP24Climate change, technology and palaeobiology in early hominin evolutionemail
14:30Senate House - Bedford RoomP37Is "sustainable living" possible? People, society, and nature in Chinese societiesemail
14:30Senate House - Torrington RoomP38Managing Global Water. Ethnography of Emerging Practices in the Anthropoceneemail
16:30British Museum - BP Lecture TheatreFilm2Climate Change on Filmemail
16:30Senate House - Court RoomP42Time and the changing climateemail
16:30British Museum - Sackler BP43Community-led conservation of traditional crops and knowledge co-production in response to a changing climate: Case studies from South Asiaemail
16:30Senate House - Woburn RoomP45Experiencing Displacement in Hazardous Climates: Anthropological Perspectivesemail

29 May, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00British Museum - BP Lecture TheatreP18Mobility, Weather, and Climate Changeemail
09:00British Museum - Sackler BP33Interweaving narratives: combining written sources, scientific data and material culture to understand past human ecodynamicsemail
09:00British Museum - Sackler AP36Amidst weathering forces: Climate change and the political ecology of infrastructuresemail
09:00British Museum - Anthropology LibraryP44Atmospheric Futuresemail
12:30British Museum - BP Lecture TheatreFilm3Moana Rua The Rising of the Seaemail
13:30British Museum - Sackler BP13Climate Change, Biodiversity and Human Adaptationemail
13:30British Museum - Sackler AP20Climate sciences and climate change from the perspective of the Southemail
15:30British Museum - StudioP30Understanding everyday perceptions: a new wave of climate change and migration
17:00British Museum - BP Lecture TheatrePlenary3Pacific Anthropology and Engagements at the Frontline of Climate Changeemail