Anthropology and Photography 2014 (1)

British Museum, Clore Centre, 29-31 May 2014

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29 May, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
11:00BP Lecture TheatreP01Anthropology and photography in the digital ageemail
11:00Stevenson Lecture TheatreP02Museums and Visitor Photographyemail
11:00Sackler BP07Images and Human Rights: Local and Global Perspectives through the creation and distribution of the visualemail
11:00StudioP08Photography in/of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan: historical and contemporary perspectivesemail
11:00Claus MoserP15Afterimages: Putting ethnography into the family albumemail
11:00Sackler AP27Archives, Art and Textemail
12:30BP Lecture TheatreTalks1Photographers' Talksemail
13:30BP Lecture TheatreKeynoteAnthropology and Photography: a long history of knowledge and affectemail
15:00RAI StallEventMeet the editor, JRAIemail
15:30BP Lecture TheatreP06Folklore and Photographyemail
15:30Sackler BP09Appropriating Photography: Global Technologies and Local Politics of Self-Representationemail
15:30StudioP17Originals: The consequences of photography: reconstructing our view of the early anthropological surveys in the UKemail
15:30Stevenson Lecture TheatreP32The Image in Motion: Photofilm and Visual Ethnographiesemail
15:30Claus MoserP33Edward S Curtis and the early history of visual anthropologyemail

30 May, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:30Sackler AP11Critical Heritage and Photographyemail
09:30Stevenson Lecture TheatreP12Tourism and Photographyemail
09:30Claus MoserP21Reasserting presence: reclamation, recognition and photographic desireemail
09:30StudioP24'Opaque' Imaging Technology in Anthropology and Museum Practiceemail
09:30BP Lecture TheatreP28Photography as a research methodemail
09:30Sackler BP30Archaeology and Photographyemail
13:00BP Lecture TheatreTalks2Photographers' Talksemail
14:00Claus MoserP03Relational resolutions: The role of digital images in ethnographic fieldworkemail
14:00Sackler AP10Engaging Disaster: Photography on Unsettled Groundemail
14:00StudioP18Revisiting the gaze and reinterpreting images across space and time: Photography, subjects, and viewersemail
16:00Sackler BP22Photography, Medicine and Anthropologyemail

31 May, 2014

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00Stevenson Lecture TheatreP04Comparative studies in social media photographyemail
09:00StudioP13Archiving Photographs and Photographing Archivesemail
09:00Sackler AP20Indigenous Interventions: Contemporary Photo-based Art and the Anthropological Archiveemail
09:00Sackler BP25Photography, new technologies and the predicament of the frame: theoretical and methodological reflectionsemail
09:00Anthropology LibraryP26Anthropology of social networking: growing visuality of digital cultures and meanings conveyed by SNS imagesemail
09:00Claus MoserP29Visibility of dissent: meanings and repercussions of urban activism through digital photography and videoemail
09:00BP Lecture TheatreP34Archives, Representation and Portraitsemail
11:00Anthropology LibraryP05Reviving the archives as pictorial historiesemail
11:00Sackler AP19Aboriginal Photographiesemail
11:00Claus MoserP31Changing hands, changing times? The social and aesthetic relevance of archival photographs and archival methodologiesemail
12:30BP Lecture TheatreTalks3Photographer's Talkemail
13:00Sackler BP14Constructing and Contesting Imaginaries: Anthropology, Photography, and the Histories of Durable Visual Tropesemail
13:00StudioP16Elements toward a theory of mission photographyemail
13:00Stevenson Lecture TheatreP23One City, Multiple Stories: Visual Narratives of London Urbanismemail
16:30BP Lecture TheatrePlenaryPhotography in the Age of Snapchatemail