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31 August, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
16:00011PLEN01Open Dialogue Session: A Critical Conversation about Science, Technology, Innovation and Social Progressemail
18:00011PLEN02To what extent is embodied knowledge a form of science and technology by other means?email

01 September, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00212T005Turning Things into Assetsemail
09:00116T006Infrastructures in practice and in fluxemail
09:00118T009Future Knowing, Future Making. What Anticipation does to
09:00120T020Governing Excellent Scienceemail
09:00121T023Science Is Politics by Other Means Revisitedemail
09:00112aT026Human rights "in the making": on restitution, expertise and devices for denunciationemail
09:00122T027Data-driven cities? Digital urbanism and its proxiesemail
09:00117bT029Coordination mechanisms in new constellations of responsibility in science and technologyemail
09:00115T032Science Communicationemail
09:00123T033Who is in, who is out? Exploring collectives in health researchemail
09:00112bT035ICT and STS knowledge diffusion: actor's (publishers, authors, editors) strategies, critics and trendsemail
09:00124T041Biosocial futures: from interaction to entanglement in the postgenomic ageemail
09:00125T057Non-conforming bodies: an exploration of public health knowledge, practice and technologies beyond 'the body'email
09:00127T059Making Worlds: Feminist STS and everyday technoscienceemail
09:00113T061Open science in practiceemail
09:00111T064Valuation practices at the marginsemail
09:00M211T065The Experimental Organization: Becoming by Doingemail
09:00128T071Innovation: Discourses, politics, societies, and blind spotsemail
09:00129T072Sensory Studies in STS and Their Methodsemail
09:00130T073Epistemic Regimes - Reconfiguring epistemic quality and the reconstitution of epistemic authorityemail
09:00VIPT086Rethinking innovation and governanceemail
09:00119T087What is a Problem? Problematic Ecologies, Methodologies and Ontologies in Techno-science and Beyondemail
09:00131T088Policy and Care (or Care-Full Policy): exploring practices, collectives and spacesemail
09:00M212T091Exploring the role of materials in practices and sustainabilityemail
09:00132T093Infrastructures of nuclearity: Exploring entangled histories, spaces and futuresemail
09:00133T095Sport, Technoscience, Medicine and Performanceemail
09:00134T102Everyday analytics: The politics and practices of self-monitoringemail
09:00M215T135Envisioning a Feminist Approach to Science and Technology Policyemail
09:00M213T150Extending conceptualizations and technologies of knowledge translation in health careemail
09:00M214T156Doing Social Robots by Other Meansemail
09:00117aT164The Potential Futures of Data Science: A Roundtable Interventionemail
11:00119T011Digital fabrications amongst hackers, makers and manufacturers: whose 'industrial revolution'?email
11:00117aT021Bioinformation management in data driven medicineemail
11:00118T037STS and Artistic Researchemail
11:00112bT069Manufacturing Humans While Developing Social Robots, Smart Environments & Wearablesemail
11:00M215T077Local knowledge in a changing climate: the experimental politics of coproductionemail
11:00M213T125Technologies at the Frontiers of Deathemail
11:00M214T149Heritage in Biology, Biology as Heritageemail
12:30114E001Ethnografilm Barcelonaemail
12:30118M004Demonstrations and Mattering Press: Discussing Recent Changes in the STS Publishing Landscapeemail
12:30Hotel Barcelona PrincessM007Editorial board meeting: Social Studies of Scienceemail
12:30113M009National STS networks meetingemail
12:30123M010.1Making Sense of our 4S Experiences: An hour for Connecting and Reflecting Together (I)email
12:30120M011Public Event: The present and future of the EASST Reviewemail
12:30115P003The Handbook of Science, Technology and Society, 4th Edition: Where We've Been; Where We're Goingemail
12:30VIPT082Cabinet of Political Fictions) SIMULACRUM©: prototyping the city of tomorrowemail
12:30111T184#democraciarealya: Hacktivism and Networked Techno-politics in Spainemail
14:00122T002The Lives and Deaths of Dataemail
14:00M211T008Smart eco-cities: experimenting with new urban futuresemail
14:00M212T031Topographies of clinical translation: charting novel sociotechnical landscapes within and around biomedical
14:00123T056Socio-technical Futures Shaping the Present - Empirical Examples and Analytical Challenges in STS and Technology Assessmentemail
14:00133T080Hegemonies in Policy and Research Translation. Exploring Passages between Social Needs, Scientific Output, and Technologiesemail
14:00117bT101Smart [Bits and Atoms] Health Technologies and their Social Worldsemail
14:00M214T110What does it mean to be Human in the 21st Century?email
14:00112bT133Tackling climate change by other means: opening up geoengineering governanceemail
14:00112aT139Eating for Life: When Food is the Best Medicineemail
14:00117aT153Hermeneutics: 'let Nature and Material Things speak' with Don Ihdeemail
16:00114T001Materializing governance by information infrastructureemail
16:00121T012The Event of the Public: Convolutions of Aesthetic and Epistemic Practiceemail
16:00M214T013STS-CAM: Science and technology studies on complementary and alternative medicineemail
16:00117aT016Technoscience and Transformation of the Stateemail
16:00125T045New Collective Practices of Measurement, Monitoring and Evidenceemail
16:00129T062Care Innovation and New Modes of Citizenshipemail
16:00131T079Framing of emerging technologies as a strategic deviceemail
16:00M215T116Counting By Other Meansemail
16:00112aT126Science and Technology in the Middle East: Life Sciences and Environmentsemail
16:00130T132Beyond the single-site study: the Biography of Artefacts and Practicesemail
16:00M213T140Pharmaceuticals out of Boundsemail
19:30VIPA001Remembering David Hakkenemail

02 September, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00118T003Mundane Market Matters: On the ordinary stuff (and actions and sometimes people) that make marketsemail
09:00116T017STS for pharmaceuticals and public health policyemail
09:00117aT024Nuclear futures - how to govern nuclear waste?email
09:00120T028Futures in the making and re-makingemail
09:00124T030STS and Climate Change: Perspectives on/from the Global Southemail
09:00VIPT036Social Studies of Politics: Making Collectives By All Possible Meansemail
09:00132T049STS and normativity: analyzing and enacting valuesemail
09:00133T051Feminist Postcolonial STSemail
09:00M213T092Transition to Sustainable Food Systems: Integrative Perspectives on Production and Consumptionemail
09:00117bT112The Experimental Life of Plants: Botanical Being in Scientific Practice and Beyondemail
09:00112aT148STS Underground: Ignorance and Invisibility in the Worlds of Mining and Underground Extractionemail
09:00112bT163Improving gender balance from belowemail
09:00M212T168(Techno)science by other means of communality and identity configurationemail
11:00112bT040Cybersecurity & digital territory: Nation, Identity, and Citizenshipemail
11:00119T048Back to the future: STS and the (lost) security research agendaemail
11:00123T050Conceptualizing transformational change in energy systems and the built environmentemail
11:00134T058Biorisk Intelligence otherwise: Scenarios, Visual Knowledge and new Mechanisms of Surveillanceemail
11:00212T066Infrastructures of Evil: Participation, Collaboration, Maintenanceemail
11:00131T068Biomedical sharing economiesemail
11:00M215T081Science and Technology for Social Justiceemail
11:00115T083Doing theory by other means: how does architectural production challenge STS and ANTemail
11:00128T099New frontiers in social gerontechnology - Exploring Challenges at the Intersection of STS and Ageing Studiesemail
11:00117aT104Enhancement Cultures and Future Bodiesemail
11:00122T111Body, Science and Expertiseemail
11:00124T137From person to population and back: exploring accountability in public healthemail
11:00M212T138Targeted Biomanagement: Ethics, Politics, and Unruly Regimes of Calculationemail
11:00M214T157Disentangling ecologies: working around 'the system'email
11:00M211T173Gene Editing in Context: Challenges and Emerging Practicesemail
12:30111M001EASST Meetingemail
12:30120M003Editorial Board Meeting: New Genetics and Societyemail
12:30121M005Meeting of the Science as Culture Advisory Panelemail
12:30122M006.16S professional development lunch: Defining STS Careers Across Borders: How and Why to Navigate an International STS Careeremail
12:30123M010.2Making Sense of our 4S Experiences: An hour for Connecting and Reflecting Together (II)email
12:30129P001Presentación del Libro: "Postfenomenología y Tecnociencia: Conferencias en la Universidad de Pekín"email
12:30119P002Book launch event: Urban Cosmopolitics: Agencements, Assemblies, Atmospheresemail
12:30118T070Sensing, Walking and Embodiment With and By Technologies: A Track Away From The Deskemail
12:30VIPT174Interactive Round Table: Does STS Have Problems?email
12:30127T185Thinking with ethnographyemail
14:00131P004Rachel Carson Prize 2016: Author Meets Criticsemail
14:00121T007Before/after/beyond breakdown: exploring regimes of maintenanceemail
14:00112bT022Refugee technologies and mobility into Europeemail
14:00122T047The field and the farm in the production of biomedical knowledgeemail
14:00117aT063Monitoring Circulationemail
14:00117bT090Indicator Politics: Quantification measures and practices of decision-makingemail
14:00VIPT094Emerging science and technology : questioning the regime of promisingemail
14:00127T100Feminist Technoscience Studies in Unexpected Places: (Intra)Activism and Social Justiceemail
14:00112aT108Urban STS and Post-Socialist Citiesemail
14:00130T127Cloud Computing: New Social and Political Spacesemail
14:00M212T144Ecologies of participation: Thinking systemically about science and technology by other meansemail
14:00M214T159Political Objects. Prescriptions, Injustices and Promises of Material Agentsemail
16:00118T004STS and Planning: Research and practice intervening in a material worldemail
16:00124T038Antagonists, Servants, Companions: the Sciences, Technologies and Politics of Microbial Entanglementsemail
16:00129T076Enacting responsibility: RRI and the re-ordering of science-society relations in practiceemail
16:00132T084Technologies of Criminalization: On the convergence of forensic and surveillance technologiesemail
16:00M215T097Engaged STS for inclusive development: exploring concepts, practices, networks, and policies towards inclusive and sustainable futuresemail
16:00130T114Innovation, Economic Driver, Disruption: Utopias and Critiques of Making and Hackingemail
16:00131T115Remaking the biosocial by other meansemail
16:00117aT118Weakening and strengthening forensic science in Europeemail
16:00111T121New Topologies of Scientific Practiceemail
16:00M212T124Energy Beyond Crisis: Energetic Bodies, Ecologies, and Economiesemail
16:00M213T143Governance of Agricultural Biotechnologiesemail
16:00M214T147Engaging decoloniality and decolonization in science and technology studiesemail
16:00M211T162Infrastructural Futures : Speculation, Crisis, and Media Technologiesemail
18:00115 114 113PLEN03Catastrophes and promises of science and technology by other meansemail

03 September, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00117aT010Stakeholder engagement in smart city (re-)developmentemail
09:00119T014Considering the performativity of our own research practicesemail
09:00M214T018Markets versus commons? What relationships? What roles for STS?email
09:00M213T046New Technologies, social practices and social conflict - sustainable energy transitions as a field of contentionemail
09:00212T060Biodiversity by other (all?) means: a theatre for post-natural futuresemail
09:00112aT067Biobanks. The interdependence between forms of biovalue creation and donor participationemail
09:00120T074Cosmopolitical Research and STSemail
09:00121T078Contested energy futures and temporalities in retrospective: instruments and practices of forecasting and scenario workemail
09:00132T106Citizen science: Beyond the laboratoryemail
09:00116T113Critical data studiesemail
09:00115T122Elements Thinkingemail
09:00114T131Science has always been technoscienceemail
09:00133T152Environments of care: understanding and shaping care by other meansemail
09:00112bT154Remaking News: Technology and the Futures of Journalism Scholarshipemail
09:00M211T167The Medium is the Medicine: Media Histories of Health and Healthcareemail
09:00134T177Economies of Life in Biomedicineemail
11:00134T019Science and Technology through Critical Art Practiceemail
11:00M212T043Unravelling craft, technology and practical knowledgeemail
11:00113T054Digital subjectivities in the global context: new technologies of the selfemail
11:00122T085Infrastructures, subjects, politicsemail
11:00117bT096Emerging biotechnologies in psychiatry and clinical psychologyemail
11:00133T098Energy Experimentsemail
11:00123T107Maker Movement, FabLabs, Hackerspace and improvisation: Science, Technology and Education by other means?email
11:00114T155Islands on the Cutting Edge: Test sites for reimagining future technoscienceemail
11:00128T158Soft Focus: How Software Reshaped Technical Vision and Practiceemail
11:00M211T170Thinking and Acting with Open and DIT Science and Technology: From Participatory Sensing to Biohacking Experimentsemail
12:30113M0024S Business Meetingemail
12:30122M006.26S business meetingemail
14:00114P005Author Meets Critics Session: 2015 Fleck Prize Winneremail
14:00121T025Imaginaries and Materialities of Accountability: Exploring practices, collectives and spacesemail
14:00125T034Revisiting bio-objects and bio-objectification: Categories, materialities and processes central to the (re)configuration of "life".email
14:00117aT044By Other means: On Complementary or Alternative Medicines (CAM)email
14:00117bT075Contributions of Gilbert Simondon to Science and Technology Studiesemail
14:00131T105Wild research: Radical openings in technoscientific practice?email
14:00112bT123Re-configuring Knowledge Practices: Folding Margins and Norms into Dynamic Hybridityemail
14:00128T145Postphenomenological Research: Technologies, Robots, and Human Identityemail
14:00M213T161The Best Way to Control Toxic Actants: Litigation or Regulation?email
14:00[TBD]T172Critical Science and Technology Studies and Social Epistemologyemail
14:00M215T175Situated Meanings of 'Good' Care and Science 'Worth Doing'email
16:00M212T015Urban Climate Experiments: A Para-Siteemail
16:00114T103Stoking the Anthropocene?email
16:00131T109Emerging forms of "life" in STSemail
16:00132T119Queer STS?: A Roundtable Discussion on Theory, Method, and Institutionalizationemail
16:00124T120Case Studies for Responsible Innovation: Lessons from Fukushimaemail
16:00M215T166Biotechnology, Personal Identity, and Boundaries Across the Globeemail
16:00112bT178Designing alternative futures: planning, expertise, policyemail
18:00113 114 115PLEN04Presidential Awards Plenaryemail