6S professional development lunch: Defining STS Careers Across Borders: How and Why to Navigate an International STS Career
Location 122
Date and Start Time 02 September, 2016 at 12:30
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  • Erika Szymanski (University of Edinburgh) email

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Short Abstract

STS is a uniquely international field. How can junior scholars take advantage of this as they build their careers? What are the opportunities and challenges of pursuing postdoctoral work or permanent positions outside of your home country? Even if you plan to do your training and take a job in your home country, how can you take advantage of STS's international scope through visiting positions, collaborations, and other opportunities? In this professional development session, organized by the Student Section of the Society for the Social Studies of Science (6S), we invite junior scholars to think about and discuss their options with an international group of senior scholars who will offer insights from their own experiences of crossing borders and boundaries in pursuit of their own careers. Our goal is to facilitate an active conversation about how to form a professional identity that crosses national boundaries while also considering the practicalities of early career decisions. This is not a lecture! Bring your questions, thoughts, concerns, and experiences around forging an STS career.

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