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Call for panels

Instructions for proposing a panel for AAS2015
Proposals must be submitted by online form. The deadline for proposing panels is 27 April.

Panel proposals should consist of

  • a panel title
  • the name/s and email addresses of panel convenor/s, one of whom is required to be an AAS member.
  • a short abstract of fewer than 300 characters
  • a long abstract of fewer than 250 words

The proposal may also include the names of any chairs or discussants, although these can be added at a later stage, when the panel has been accepted. If these roles are to be taken by convenors, please do not enter your own names there, as it is implicit that this will be the case where other names are not listed.

>> Proceed to the panel proposal form >>

When the call for papers closes, the organising committee will work on relocating the proposals marked 'transfer', and we will get in touch if this affects your panel. This should be completed by the time registration opens.

Any queries, please email